James McCord

James W. McCord, Jr. (* 26. January 1924 in Waurika, Oklahoma) was one of the 5 burglars of the Watergate hotel.

It went to the McLean and Electra High School into Texas. it received its marketing and management diploma at the university to 1949 from Texas. 1965 he achieved the master OF Science to the George Washington university.

1942/1943 was he at the FBI in New York and Washington (D.C.) and was concerned with broadcast monitoring actions. Of 1943 - 1945 was it with US the Army air Corps. Of 1948 - 1951 it was inserted at the FBI as a special agent into San Diego and San Francisco. With the CIA was it as a boss of the department of protection of individuals of 1951 - 1979. Of 1962 - 1964 it was active in leading place for the CIA in Europe.

McCord received the Distinguished service Award for outstanding performance of duties from the director at that time of the CIA smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of helmet. it separated 1970 after 25 years from the federal service.

McCord was in its characteristic however not only a technician, but a professional in evaluations of personalities. In this characteristic it belonged for example to the cross-examining team, which cross-examined the U-2-Piloten, which were shot 1959 over the Iranian-Soviet border. The former CIA boss all Welsh Dulles called McCord times „my best Kraft. “

After its separating from the federal service made itself first independent it, before it was suggested by Jack Caulfield and aluminium Wong to the security head of CREEP. It was hired of Gordon Liddy as a new security head, in particular because it was been versed with electronic espionage very well.

Liddy was interested at the beginning of only in listening units. McCord was anyhow the only one, which could use the bugs.

To 27.05.1972 set the bugs for McCord with the first break-down into the democrat center of the Watergate hotel into the telephone of Larry O´Brians secretary Fay Abel and the other bug into the telephone of Spencer of olive (managing directors of the organization of the democratic chairmen of the party of the member states).

The first bug functioned unreliably and over the tapped telephone only trivial discussions was led. The second bug did not function at all.

From this reason a second break-down of the Minister of Justice John became N. Mitchell ordered (which denied later this).

With 2. Break-down stuck McCord together the door in the underground parking (with it it does not close). Later than air was obviously pure, crept the 5 burglars into the underground parking. Then they stated however that the tapes at the door had been removed. It is not today clear until, why the action was not broken off at the latest here.

Anyhow new tapes were attached at the door and the break-down was continued. The new tapes were discovered by the security agency and the police was alarmed again. These arrest then the five burglars.

During the Watergate process McCord did not plead for „guiltily. “

The Federal High Court Judge John Sirica did not believe from the outset in the fact that the burglars acted alone. By the menace the codefendant handed James W to a high term of imprisonment over. McCord the judge finally a letter.

The judge read out this letter loud before the present public. Therein McCord confirmed:

1. that the burglars due to political pressure were silent so far

2. that McCord had therefore sworn a perjury

3. that still different, political persons are complicated in the break-down.

Whereupon a tumult in the court room broke out. This letter was the first tear in the cover-up action of the white house. Thus this court hearing was not the end, but at the beginning of the scandal.

McCord thereupon to the comparison-wise mild punishment set by 100.000 $ bail on free foot.

Also McCord is to have gotten 25,000$ from the bribe rear of the committee for the re-election of the president CREEP for the payment of its lawyers.

It wrote later a book concerning the break-down: The Watergate story: Fact and Fiction.


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