James Stirling (architect)

James Frazer Stirling (* 22. April 1926 in Glasgow; † 25. June 1992 in London) was one of the most important British architects of the postmodernism. Some publications indicate 1924 as a birth year .


James Stirling studied from 1945 until 1950 architecture at the university of Liverpool. it created 1956 with James Gowan the office Stirling and Gowan. Most well-known result of this co-operation is the building of the engineer faculty in Leicester, which is noticeable by its technical-geometrical character. This marks also from Stirling frequently used Isometries from the bird perspective. Starting from 1963 it resumed the office alone. 1971 become Michael Wilford, which already works since 1960 in the office, partners of the office. In the seventies the architectural handwriting begins itself to change Stirlings. That before as rationalist and/or. Brutalistvalid Stirling changes itself to one the general agent of the eklektizistischen postmodernism. The new state State of Stuttgart is considered as relevant masterpiece, in which it processes a multiplicity of regional and supraregional, build-historical quotations. 1981 are lent to it the renowned Pritzker price.

After death Stirlings in the year 1992the office is resumed by Michael Wilford. Different buildings, like e.g. the building of the university for music and representing art in Stuttgart, 1993 - 1994, are realized in such a way postum.

important buildings

Bücherei der Geschichtlichen Fakultät, Cambridge
library of the historical faculty, Cambridge

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