James Tiptree, Jr

James Tiptree, Jr. an alias of the US-American authoress is Alice Sheldon (* 24. August 1915 in Chicago; † 19. May 1987 in Maclean in Virginia, the USA).

Before Alice Sheldon began to write, works it at the secret service and one was thatfirst women, whom the secret service school of the Air Force completed. In the year 1955, three years after establishment of the CIA, it left the secret service around psychology to study and in experimental psychology attain a doctorate. Under the alias James Tiptree, Jr. published Alice Sheldon its first Science Fiction Kurzgeschichte birtha commercial traveller (Birth od A Sales one, 1968). Since Tiptree remained perfectly anonymous until 1977, upon its true identity one speculated to much, then for example Robert Silverberg wrote:
“Also one mind-measured, Tiptree was a woman. I find this theory absurd; because TiptreesStories have Maskulines for me somewhat unmistakably. “
As itself both you and the state of health of their man drastically worsened, selected the married couple 1987 free death.

Their novels appear symbolful, träumerisch mysteriös. It mostly concerns that humans with the raid in the universe with events and problemsare confronted, which they did not grow. Sometimes, as in “firebreak”, however an adjustment succeeds to the new conditions. The persons in one of their Kurzgeschichten lose even their life, by uniting with manlike however opposite natures. They cannot prevent this however, therethe forces, which steer it, are larger than all reason.

After James Tiptree, Jr. the James Tiptree Jr price was designated, which is assigned each year for works of the Sciencefiction or Fantasy, which examine and extend the sex roles.

Table of contents

of works

of novels

  • 1978 UP the of barrier OF the World (German: The firebreak (1980))
  • 1985 Brightness of case from the air

narrations and telling collections

  • 1968
    • “The MON ago Ship” (later also published under the title “Mamma Come Home”)(German: “Mummy comes home” (1976)) (Novellette)
    • “Pupa Knows Best”) (later also published under the title “Help”) (German: “Assistance” (1976)) (Novellette)
    • “Birth OF A Salesman” (German: “Birth of a commercial traveller” (1976)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “putrefies” (German: “Errors” (1968)) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1969
    • “Beam US Home” (Kurzgeschichte)
    • 'The load Flight OFDoctor Ain' (German: “Dr. Ains last flight " (1981)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “Your Haploid Heart” (German: “To enemies born” (1974), “your haploides heart” (1987)) (Novellette)
    • “The Snows of acres Melted, The Snows of acres of Gone” (German: “The snow melted, the snow is away” (1975)) (Novellette)
    • “Parimutuel planet” (later alsounder the title “Faithful ton of Thee, Terra, in Our Fashion” publishes) (German: “Faithfully you, Terra, in our kind” (1975)) (Novellette)
    • “Beam US Home” (German: “Beam us to house” (1976), “Beam us home” (1987)) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1970
    • “load Night and Every Night” (Kurzgeschichte)
    • 'The one DoorsSaid Hello To' (German: “Greeted the chap, that the doors” (1975)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • to “I' m Too bend But I Love ton of Play” (German: “I am too large, but I play gladly” (1975)) (Novellette)
    • “The Nightblooming Saurian” (German: “At night the Saurier” flowers (1981)) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1971
    • 'The Peacefulness OFVivyan' (German: “The Friedfertigkeit Vivyans” (1976)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “I' ll Waiting for You When the Swimming pool Is Empty” (German: “Who rests, rusts” (1976)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “and so on, and so on” (German: “Humans may come or go, but…” (1984), “and so on, and sofurther " (1987)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “MON ago into the Sky with dia. moon” (German: “Nut/mother in the sky, with diamonds” (1975), “SOS in space” (1975), “nut/mother in the sky - with diamonds” (1987)) (Novellette)
  • 1972
    • “The one Who Walked Home” (German: “The time runner” (1975), “the man, that itself on the way homemade " (1976)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “and I Have Come Upon This Place by draws to Ways” (German: “And I this erring found” (1981)) (Novellette)
    • “and I Awoke and Found ME Here on the Cold Hill' s simmers” (German: “And I awaked and was here at the cold mountain-slope”(1975)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “on the load Afternoon” (German: “In the last afternoon” (1972)) (Short novel)
    • “Painwise” (German: “Pain experiencing” (1975)) (Novellette)
    • “Forever ton of A Hudson Bay blank” (German: “A life for a cover of the Hudson Bay company” (1975)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “Filomena & Greg & Rikki Tikki & Barlow & the Alien”(later also published under the title “universe the of child OF Yes”) (German: “Universe the beautiful Jas” (1981)) (Novellette)
    • “The Milk OF of Paradise” (German: “Paradiesmilch” (1981)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “Amberjack” (German: “Amberjack” (1981)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • to “Through A leave Darkly” (German: “Coming, going” (1981)) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1973
    • 'Love Isthe plan the plan Is Death' (German: “Love is the plan, the plan is death” (1981)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “The Women Men Don' t lake” (German: “The inconspicuous women” (1981)) (Novellette)
    • “The Girl Who which Plugged in” (German: “Switched on and off girls” (1973)) (Novellette)
    • Ten Thousand Light Yearsfrom Home (German: 10000 light-years of Zuhaus (partial expenditure, 1975), Beam us after house (partial expenditure, 1976), 10000 light-years of zuhaus (full expenditure, 1987)), Collection with 15 narrations before already published and an introduction of Harry Harrison
  • 1974
    • “ago Smoke rose UP Forever” (German: “Your smoke rose to ewiglich”(1984), “your smoke ascended eternally” (1987)) (Novellette)
    • “fishing rod fixed” (German: “Only for good humans” (1979), “a clean Deal” (1989)) (Novellette, under which Raccoona Sheldon publishes names)
  • 1975
    • “A Momentary key OF Being” (German: “A volatile its feeling” (1980)) (Short novel)
    • warmly Worlds and OTHER meadow (German: Warm one Worlds and others (1981) (without “The Women Men Don't lake”)), Narrations before already published collection with 12 and an introduction of Robert Silverberg
  • 1976
    • 'Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces falling LED OF Light! '(German: Your faces, my sisters! Your radiating faces! “(1989)) (Kurzgeschichte, underthe name) “Beaver Tears
    • ” publishes Raccoona Sheldon (German: “Beaver tears” (1989)) (Kurzgeschichte, under which Raccoona Sheldon publishes names)
    • “She WAITs for universe Men fount” (German: “You waits for all born humans” (1987)) (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “Houston, Houston, DO You READ?” (German: “Houston, Houston, monitors it?” (1981), “Houston,Houston, please announce! “(1981)) (Short novel)
    • “The Psychologist Who Wouldn' t DO Awful Things ton of advice” (German: “The psychologist, rats to torment did not want” (1971)) (Novellette)
  • 1977
    • “The Screwfly Solution” (German: “Schmeissfliegen” (1983), “operation gold finger fly” (1988), “the gold fly solution” (1989)) (Kurzgeschichte, under which Raccoona Sheldon publishes names)
    • 'time-sharingAngel' (German: “Divided wrong” (1979)) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1978
    • “incoming goods Who Stole the Dream” (German: “We stole the dream” (1989)) (Novellette)
    • star Songs OF at old Primate (German: Star songs of an old Primaten (1987)), Narrations before already published collection with 7 and an introduction of Ursula K.Le Guin
  • 1980
    • “Slow music” (German: “Saving sounds” (1983)) (Short novel)
    • “A SOURCE OF Innocent Merriment” (German: “A source of innocent joy” (1989) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1981
    • “Excursion far one” (Novellette)
    • 'Lirios: A Tale OF the Quintana Roo' (later also published under the title “What Came Ashore RK Lirios”) (German: “Lirios:A narration of Quintana Roo " (1982)) (Novellette)
    • “What Came Ashore RK Lirios” (Novellette)
    • Out OF the Everywhere, and OTHER Extraordinary vision (German: From the everywhere and other strange visions (1989)), And two new narrations, which are both new narrations before already, published collection with eight:
      • “Out OF the Everywhere” (German: “The other world from somewhere” (1982), “from the everywhere” (1989)) (Novellette)
      • “With Delicate WAD Hands” (German: “With tender mad hands” (1989)) (Short novel)
  • 1982 “The Boy Who Waterskied ton of Forever” (German: “The gate to the past” (1984)) (Kurzgeschichte)
  • 1983 “Beyond the DEAD Reef” (German:“Hinterm dead reef” (1984)) (Novellette)
  • 1985
    • “Morality Meat” (Novellette, under which Racoona Sheldon publishes names)
    • “The Only Neat Thing ton of DO” (short novel)
    • “universe This and Heaven Too” (German: “Universe this and in addition the sky” (1987)) (Novellette)
    • byte Beautiful: 8 Science Fiction Stories (collection with seven beforenarrations already published and an introduction of Michael Bishop)
  • 1986
    • “Our resident Djinn” (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “Good Night, Sweethearts” (short novel)
    • “Collision” (short novel)
    • The Starry rift (collection of three loosely connected, before already published narrations)
    • valley OF the Quintana Roo (collection with three narrations before already published,on the Yucatan peninsula play)
  • 1987
    • “Second Going” (German: “The mystery of the Oktopusse” (1988)) (Novellette)
    • “Yanqui Doodle” (German: “Yanqui Doodle” (1989)) (Novellette)
    • “in avoided OF would run” (German: Title unknown (1989)) (Novellette)
  • 1988
    • “Backward, turn Backward” (short novel)
    • “The Earth Doth Like A Snake Renew” (German: “Queue equalrenews itself the earth " (1991)) (Novellette)
    • “The Color OF Neanderthal Eyes” (German: “The color of Neandertaleraugen” (1990)) (Short novel)
    • Crown OF of star (German: The star crown (1999)) (Collection with nine before already published and a new narration), which are new narration:
      • “Come live one with ME” (Novellette)
  • 1990 Ago Smoke rose UP Forever (narrations before already published collection with 18 and an introduction of John Clute)
  • 1996 Neat Sheets: The Poetry OF James Tiptree, Jr. (Before did not publish collection with 19 poems and a small play and with an introduction of KarenJoy Fowler)
  • 2000 Meet ME RK Infinity (collection with eight narrations and 35 essays/articles and an introduction of Jeffrey D. Smith), contains two new narrations:
    • “The Trouble Is emergency in Your set” (Kurzgeschichte)
    • “Trey OF Hearts” (Kurzgeschichte)


  • Nebula Award
    • 1973for the Kurzgeschichte “Love Is the plan the plan Is Death”
    • 1976 for the short novel “Houston, Houston, DO You READ? ”
    • 1977 for the Novellette “The Screwfly Solution”
  • Hugo Award
    • 1974 for the short novel “The Girl Who which Plugged in”
    • 1977 for the short novel 'Houston, Houston,DO You READ? '
  • Locus Award
    • 1984 for the Kurzgeschichte “Beyond the DEAD Reef”
    • 1986 for the short novel “The Only Neat Thing ton of DO”
  • Science Fiction Chronicle Award
    • 1986 for the short novel 'The OnlyNeat Thing ton of Do'
  • Jupiter Award
    • 1977 for the short novel “Houston, Houston, DO You READ?”


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