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James (Jamie) Trevor of olive (* 27. May 1975 in Clavering, Essex, England) is a well-known English cook. Its pointed name reads Naked boss, because it reduces its cook art to the substantial bases of cooking: Added and preparation. It is married and has with its Mrs. Jools (actually Juliette) two daughters, Poppy and Daisy. In addition it created 1989 the volume Scarlet division as well as Leigh Haggerwood. It plays in the volumes Schlagzeug.

More olive buildup in Clavering, a small village in Essex. There he learned a cooking in the Pub of his parents. While he worked in the outstanding Londoner River cafe, he was discovered for the television. In the year 2003 he was appointed the MBE. Meanwhile it wrote also some example books. Its current example book is called ingenious Italian.

Jamie Olivers restaurant Fifteen

its restaurant Fifteen in London offers unemployed persons and socially disadvantaged young person the possibility of learning a cooking and of working in the catering trade.

It started the campaign “feed ME last more better” (in the TV radiated under the title: Jamie's School of servant) for the improvement of the quality of the meal in school cafeterias. The accompanying TV serial on Channel 4 showed the situation dominated by Fastfood and savings obligation into of Great Britain school kitchens and the attempt Jamie Olivers, the school children nutritious to offer healthy menus. More olive collected for it 241,000 signatures at different schools of England. In the course of the campaign the labour promised - government additional 280 millions To make available Pound.

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  • cooking with Jamie of olive. From the outset ingeniously (The Naked boss)
  • ingenious cooking with Jamie of olive (Happy Days with the Naked boss)
  • cooking for friends (The Naked boss Takes off/The Return OF the Naked boss)
  • Jamie's Kitchen
  • meal is finished! (Jamie's Dinners)
  • ingenious Italian (Jamie's Italy)


  • The Naked boss (RTL2)
  • Oliver's Twist (RTL2)
  • Jamie's Kitchen (RTL2)
  • Happy Days live one (RTL2)
  • Jamie's School Dinners (RTL2)
  • Jamie´s Great Italian escape (RTL2)


  • Jamie of olive The Naked boss freshness kitchen
  • Jamie of olive The Naked boss ingenious cooking
  • Jamie of olive The Naked boss cooking without limit
  • Jamie of olive The Naked boss the new cook desire
  • Jamie of olive in Oliver´s Twist
  • Jamie of olive in Oliver´s Twist 2
  • Jamie of olive in Oliver´s Twist 3
  • Jamie of olive in Jamie's Kitchen

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