January Fyt

large dog, dwarf and boy, 1652

January Fyt (* 15. March 1611 in Antwerp; † 11. September 1661 ebenda) was a Belgian painter.

He was a pupil of frays to Snyders and until 1631 in its workshop actively. 1633 - 34 it completed Paris - stay and a journey to Italy. It became of painters specialized of the contemporaries as particularly on hunt still lives estimated. Also animal pictures and fruit and flower still lives belong to its preferential category.

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January Fyt (spr. ), down country protects. Painters and Radierer, born in March 1611 inu Antwerp, pupil of January van the Berch and fray to Snyders, 1629-30 to the Lukasgilde one took up, made then study trips to France (he held himself for 1633 and 1634 in Paris) and to Italy and returned around 1640 to Antwerp, where it 11. September. 1661 died.

Its speciality was the quiet life built up from the booty, to which it added occasionally also dogs, and which it treated with large koloristischer championship and in tasteful arrangement. Also it painted flower and pieces of fruit and lively moved hunts (bear and sow rushing). Its paintings are frequent. Hauptwerke possess the galleries of Munich, Berlin, Vienna and Paris. It published also two consequences of erasures in 8 sheets each (dogs and andre animals).

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