January Jongbloed

January Jongbloed (* 25. November 1940) is a former Netherlands football player.

The goal keeper Jongbloed played for the fiber plastic Amsterdam and Roda Kerkrade. In the gate of the Netherlands national team it supplied itself with Piet Schrijvers of Ajax Amsterdam a duel around the positions of the Torwarts number unity to the 1970er years. Coach Rinus Michels set 1974 on him during the soccer world championship in Germany. It stood with all plays of the Netherlands 1974 in the gate and became vice-world champion.

With the soccer world championship 1978 in Argentina also coach Ernst Happel set first on the experienced Keeper, when he however in the last group play against Scotland with 2:3 - defeat looked not particularly good, it by Happel by Piet Schrijvers was replaced. When Schrijvers in the last play of the second final round hurt itself against Italy, Jongbloed came again to the course and played against Argentina the second WM-final of its career. Again he became however only vice-world champion.

Sometimes for surprise Jongbloed provided with its back number, that for a Torwart rather unusual 8.


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