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January vest (* 30. March 1973 in Smetanova Lhota) is a Czech football player.

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the Czech January “Honza” vest came along 1994 straight once 20 years to Sparta Prague, the series master and Top association of its homeland. Only little pointed at that time on the fact that vest should become once an international Topstar. After it had not created it in three years Prague to succeed it changed to Belgium to the sports club Lokeren. Here it developed itself further and became in the season 1998/99 with 24 hits goal scorer king of the first Belgian league. Vest large strengths lie due to its size of 202 cm and its wuchtigen body in the head ball play and ball shielding.

1999 changed vests from Lokeren to the Belgian tradition club RSC other, where he matured to the international Top Stürmer. In the two play times 1999-2001 it obtained 43 gates for the RSC, became twice Belgian master became and gained also first experiences in the champions League. In the season 1999/2000 January vest was selected to the Belgian soccer player of the yearly. 2001 changed vests then into the German federal league. With Borussia Dortmund it became directly in the first season of German masters and reached the final in the UEFA cup, which lost Dortmund against Feyenoord Rotterdam however.

Only with 26 years January vest was for the first time appointed 1999 into the Czech national team, since 2000 is it master player there. With Tschechien it participated in the EURO 2000 and 2004 . Since June 2005 vest is record goal scorer of the Czech national team, after it with its 35. International match gate the age-old record of Antonín Puč from the years 1926-39 adjusted (to the official statistics of the Czech team also the meetings of Czechoslovakia count from the years 1920 to 1992). To date vest in 66 international matches for Tschechien obtained 40 gates.

After a cross torn-tape condition in September 2005 vest was long-term-hurt and probably failed to nearly for the end of the season 2005/06. It probably denies its federal league comeback at the 32.Spieltag. Its participation on the football WM 2006 is no longer improbable, but after current discretion quite possible, since the coach builds on it.

Already in September 2005 it quit at Borussia Dortmund to leave to want. It did not give to change however at to which association it wants.

past ones of associations


  • of Czech masters 1995
  • Czech Cup winner 1996
  • Tschechiens soccer players of the yearly 1999
  • of Belgium soccer player of the yearly 2000
  • Belgian goal scorer king 1999
  • Belgian master 2000.2001
  • German master 2002


of vest of federal league plays

of vest of federal league gates

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