January Luyken

January Luyken (* 16. April 1649 in Amsterdam as a son of Caspar Luyken (likewise Kupferstecher) and Hester Coores; † 5. April 1712 ebenda) was a Dutch poet, Illustrator and a Kupferstecher.

Its copper passes are characterised by the wealth at details. It became famous by the condition book and the Mätyrerspiegel. Some its works developed with the aid its son Caspaar (1672-1708).

literary works

Duytse more lier (1671)
Jezus EN a de goal (1678)
Voncken the liefde Jesu (1687)
Het menselyk bedryf/mirrors van 't menschelyk bedryf (1694)
Beschouwing wereld (1708)
De zedelyke EN stichtelyke gezangen (1709)
Lof EN oordeel van de work barmhertigheid (1709)
De bykorf gemoeds (1711)
Het leerzaam huisraad (1711)
Humans begin, EN einde midden (1712)


  • Luyken, January: Martyrs Mirror: The story OF Seventeen Centuries OF Christian Martyrdom, from the Time OF Christian ton of A.D. 1660, drawn and. in copper stung v. January Luyken, 1158 sides - Herald press (Pa), 2001, edition: 2nd Rep, ISBN 0-8361-1390-X
  • January Luyken (Illustrator): On Fire for Christian: Stories OF Anabaptist Martyrs, Herald press (Pa) 1989, 184 sides, ISBN 0-8361-3503-2
  • Margarete Wagner (publisher): The sketches to the condition book of January Luyken, 224 sides, Herder, Freibg. 1987, ISBN 3-4512-0915-2

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