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Jane Seymour Fonda (* 21. December 1937 in New York) is US - American actress.

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JaneFonda is the daughter of Henry Fonda, sister of Peter Fonda and Tante von Bridget Fonda. Its nut/mother, Frances Seymour Brokaw Fonda, knew their family tree up to Jane Seymour, one of the many wives of the English king Heinrich VIII.pursue, back. It1950 because of an affair Henry Fondas with a substantially younger Mrs. Selbstmord committed. Jane Fonda, which one had told, the nut/mother died at a cardiac infarct, experienced of would only background one year later by a newspaper article.

Already 1954 stepped it together with theirFather at the theatre up. Starting from 1958 it visited the play school of Lee Strasberg. 1960 turned it their first motion picture film. It visited the Soviet Union, went to France, turned there several successful films and married to 14. August 1965 Roger Vadim, under its Direction it 1968 as Barbarella one the female Sexsymbole of the 1960er - years became. The marriage became 1973 divorced.

Jane Fonda engaged itself into the 1970er - years vehement against the Viet Nam war. It visited north Viet Nam and could smiling sitting on an air defense cannon be illustrated there.The journey brought in in the homeland the surname “Hanoi for it - Jane ". Later it designated, stands years their Posieren beside the weapons of Vietcong than errors however further to its criticism at the US-American at that time procedure in southeast Asia. Also the film Coming Home- You turn home point clearly into this direction. After its failed marriage with the politician Tom Hayden married it 1991 Ted Turner, the founder of the news station CNN. This marriage held until 2001.

One of largest film successes Fondas was 1979 oppositea nuclear power - use critical thrillers the China syndrome. , The violent discussions over the use of the Kernergie, in which also Jane Fonda took part prominent, released by the film, caused a cardiac infarct with the so-called “ father of the hydrogen bomb “, Edward plate, according to own statement.(„I was the only victim of Three Mile Island! “)

Hollywood honoured those politically disputed actress nevertheless with two Oscars (1972 for Klute and 1979 for Coming Home) with seven nominating.

1990 withdrew itself it apparently finally from the film business. 2001 hadit however an Cameo appearance in Barry Levinsons gangster comedy bandit!, in which also its son Troy Garity played. 2005 transferred Fonda the title part as Jennifer Lopez 'bad mother-in-law to the being silent he monster. The strip fell through with the criticism, proved however as Fondasfirst cash hit since nearly a quarter century. Briefly before the premiere of this film Jane Fonda brought its Autobiografie under the title My would run in such a way to far on the market, with which she stated the best-seller lists. In addition it marketed a DVD - expenditure of their Aerobic - videos.

The 1.73 mlarge, remained always slim Darstellerin belongs to trends since end of the 1970er-Jahre to the Protagonistinnen of this Fitness -. After some deaths of leisure sportsmen to the body publicising Fonda represented the originally most radical requirements („Go For the Burn! “) finally a more careful line. At the age confessedit more than thirty years from Bulimie to have suffered.

Jane Fonda has a daughter from its marriage with Roger Vadim as well as a son and an adoptive daughter with Tom Hayden.


“one could say, I was the only one, to its health ofthis reactor in close proximity to Harrisburg one damaged. But no, that would be completely wrong. It was not the reactor. It was Jane Fonda. Reactors are not dangerous. “ (Edward plate after its cardiac infarct 1979.)

“As to the devil you would find it, if them so longin this business would be as I and would have to then experience, how one of your children before you gets a OSCAR? “ (Henry Fonda to the first OSCAR for its daughter 1972.)

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