Jared dia. moon

Jared M. Dia. moon (* 10. September 1937 in bad clay/tone) is an US-American evolution biologist, physiologist and a bio geographer.

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it made for 1958 its Bachelor conclusion to the Harvard University and 1961 its PhD at the University of Cambridge. Since June 2004 he is a professor for geography at the University OF California, Los Angeles. Before he was there a professor for physiology at the medical faculty.

Jared dia. moon is the broad public by its popular-scientific books, in which he represents newest realizations from anthropology , biology and history coherently, admits become. For its works it received numerous prices and honours. Dia. moon work is expressed broadly interdisciplinary put on.


sees work the main motive for its anthropologischen and historical work in finding non-racistic explanations for substantial characteristics of human history. Because as long as these are missing, many humans would have to fall back to racistic explanation offers.

In the third Schimpanse it falls back to realizations of evolution biology, linguistics, history, archaeology and further disciplines, in order to answer the question, as the crucial characteristics of humans are to be explained: Life cycle and Sexualverhalten, language, art, agriculture, genocide and environmental degradation. In this work already the topics are put on, which it deepens in the following three books.

Poor and realm, in which it suggests drastic differences in the natural-space equipment of the continents as factors for the world-wide dominance of western cultures, was distinguished 1998 with the Pulitzer price.

In why does Sex make fun? there of the human Sexualverhalten most unusual in nature and our characteristics are a matter in the life cycle, which were central for the people becoming.

In collapse he regards exemplarily some cultures, which arranged themselves by excessive use of the environment at the basis, for example the Wikinger in Greenland, the Anasazi in North America or the Maya in Central America. It treated in addition, positive examples those, despite unfavorable conditions, to survive could. To call would be here the Isländer and some Polynesian islands. Besides it derives recommendations for action for the today's societies from these realizations.


  • the third Schimpanse. Frankfurt: Fischer paperback publishing house, 2000.
  • Poor and realm. The fates of human societies. Frankfurt: Fischer paperback publishing house, 1999.
  • Why does Sex make fun? The evolution of the human Sexualität. Munich: C. Bertelsmann publishing house, 1998.
  • Collapse - why societies outlive or go down. S. Fischer publishing house, Frankfurt/Main 2005, ISBN of 3100139046

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