Jasmine Hutter

jasmine Hutter (* 11. June 1978 in old places) is Swiss a Nationalrätin (SVP). Within the SVP it is to be assigned to the right wing.


jasmine Hutter became 2000 into the canton advice of pc. Gallen selected, whose member remained it until 2004. To 19. October 2003 was selected it into the national council. With birth year 1978 it ranks there among the youngest members.

Beside its national council mandate she works as a sales chief of a construction machine company. Disputed popularity attained Hutter, when it required during the legislation for the mandatory introduction of soot filters for diesel engined vehicles with a Motion that construction machines were to be excluded from it. Thus it drew the reproach of the self-interest on itself. One of their arguments, which were drawn repeated by specialists in doubts, read:

In practice the particle filter technology is technical and operationally not possible, since smaller machines stand in the open mining in continous use and thus the necessary operating temperature cannot not be achieved for particle filter systems at all. (...)

After this expression two filter manufacturers submitted complaint against it. These complaints had to fall however be left, since them possess political immunity before prosecution as Parlamentarierin. The national council had to 15. June 2005 confirmed confirms.

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