Jason Biggs

Jason M. Biggs (* 12. May 1978 in Pompton Plains, new jersey) is an US-American actor.

It was born as a son of Gary and Angela Biggs in Hasbrouck Heights, new jersey. Its two sisters Heather and Chiara became 1971, and/or. 1980 born.


Jason Biggs with the Germany premiere of “American Pie - now one marries” to 12. August 2003 in Hamburg

Jason began the looking plaything with 5 years as it in different national advertisements appeared. Starting from 1991 it played in the Sitcom Drexell's Class (1991) of the transmitter FOX also, which was set off however after a relay. Likewise in this year it made its Broadway - deer at its side in Conversations With My Father for debut with Judd.

After it left the High School 1996, it began briefly a study to the New York University and the Montclair State University in new jersey, broke this off however, in order to be able far plays. it started 1997 as a CO leading actor in the short TV serial Camp Stories (1997).

1999 created Jason Biggs with the dte sneezing ex comedy “American Pie “(1999) the break-through. Its talent surprised agents and critics so much that it had now for the first time the chance to select from different role offers. Thus it decided among other things for loose (2000), Boys and Girls (2000) and American Pie 2 (2001).

Quotation to the role in the comedy “American Pie”: “I'm quietly more never able ton of order pie without the servers giving ME A little smirk or going bakes ton the kitchen and saying “Oh my God, the pie guy just ordered A piece OF apple pie! ” “

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