Jason Kidd

Jason Frederick Kidd (* 23. March 1973 in San Francisco, California) is an US-American basketball player. Since 1994 it plays in the US professional league NBA. It weighs 97kg, with a body size of 1,92 M.

Kidd visited the University OF California, Berkeley for two years before it 1994 as secondary selection to the Dallas Mavericks behind Glenn Robinson ge was draftet . in this year it received the Year to the Rookie OF apart from Grant Hill (Detroit Pistons) - Award. Beside Jim Jackson and Jamal Mashburn he belonged to the three largest service providers in Dallas, by which an upswing in the play of the Mavericks was expected; however the Trio and Kidd separated changed in the season 1996/1997 with Tony Dumas to the Phoenix Suns. Since 2001 it plays that with new jersey Nets. These led it twice one behind the other into the NBA final (2002 and 2003). For the season 2000-01 it was nominated even as MVP, however Tim Duncan finally received this title. Kidd became altogether seven times in the NBA all star - team destined (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004) and stated the Assists lists over many years in the NBA. Thus it ranks among the most outstanding players of the league, among other things, since it delivers regularly tri polarizing doubles in plays and a strong defender with excellent nearly BREAK is. It ranks among the best players of its crew and for some years as a star in the NBA was established. Up-to-date it forms one with Vince Carter the best Backcourt Duos of the entire NBA.

It carries the number 5 and plays on the POINT Guard position (also simply “the unity” mentioned).


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