Jay Jay Okocha

Augustine „Jay Jay “Okocha (* 14. August 1973 in Enugu, Nigeria) is a Nigerian football player. It is with the Bolton of Wanderers in England under contract.

1990 changed Okocha as a youth player of the Nigerian club Enugu Ranger to the third lyingists at that time Borussia nine-churches. Therealready debütierte it as 17jähriger in the upper league crew. it went to 1992 as a contract amateur to the unity Frankfurt and played already in September for the first time in the 1. Federal league. By attention exciting Dribblings became it admits and played themselves into the headlines. Its gate was spectacularto 3:1 against the Karlsruher sports club in the federal league play to 31. August 1993: It umspielte in the Strafraum several times the opposing defense players and goal keeper olive punt, before it finally shot the ball in the gate. The spectators of the POOL OF BROADCASTING CORPORATIONS sport-look selected this hit to the German gatethe yearly 1993.

1994 made the Nigerian national player headlines, when he refused a special training together with Anthony Yeboah and Maurizio Gaudino with Jupp Heynckes and the following federal league play, which had the dismissal from Yeboah and Gaudino to the consequence. After the descent of the unity into those2. Federal league played Okocha from 1996 to 1998 with the Turkish Erstligisten Fenerbahce Istanbul, before it 1998 to of Paris pc. Germain changed.

1994, 1998 and 2002 he participated for the Nigerian national soccer team in the soccer world championship and to Africa soccer player of the yearly was selected.

To largest international successes belong for Okocha apart from the profit of the Africa championship 1994 the olympia victory with the olympic summer games of Atlanta 1996 with the Nigerian national team.

Jay Jay Okocha came from 1992 to 1996 on 90 employments (18 gates) in the 1. Federal league for unityFrankfurt. In the COMPANY Prime Minister League it completed 115 plays (13 gates) for the Bolton of Wanderers (conditions since 2002: 24. March 2006).

In the year 2004 he was appointed by the world football federation FIFA into the FIFA 100, the list with the 125 best living football players.

To 9. February 2006 denied Okocha its last play in the national leotard of the Nigerian crew.

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