Jean Alphonse Turrettini

Jean (-) Alphonse Turrettini (* 13. August 1671 in Geneva; † 1. May 1737 ebenda) was a reformed theologian.

He was the son Geneva theology professor François of the Turrettini and with Samuel who rock and Jean Frédéric Ostervald formed he the so-called “theological Triumvirat of Switzerland”, which prepared contrary to the strict Calvinismus thoughts of the clearing-up and the Pietismus.

According to studies in the Netherlands, England and France he stepped 1693 into the religious service, taught starting from 1697 church history and besides starting from 1705 also dogma TIC. It sat down for a church union with the Lutheranern and written numerous dogma tables, church-political, exegetische and church-historical works.

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