Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme (eigentl. Jean Claude Camille François van Varenberg; * 18. October 1960 in Berchem Sainte Agathe with Brussels) is a Belgian actor. It is particularly well-known by Actionfilme with combat haven actions.

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at the age of eleven years brought its father it to the carat coach to Claude Goetz. Its lessons were at first hard, since training was difficult for it. With the time he attained by the sport more self-assurance. In addition Van Damme operated bodybuilding and ballet - training. When he became Brussels carat and bodybuilding master, he dreamed about the large break-through in Hollywood.

In the USA he worked since 1982 as sedan driver, carpet publisher, Rausschmeisser and a coach, before Chuck Norris help him 1984 to an employment as Stuntman in “MISSINGs in Action “. Thereupon it received contracts with Menahem Golan and Yoram globe Cannon of film. World-wide celebrity reached it 1987 and 1989 with the films „Bloodsport “and „Cyborg “and with its late often copied Spagat.

Van Damme took part now also as a CO author in its films „Leon “and „double Impact “. First became one of the most successful films of the yearly 1989. It is assumed to the Belgian that it could be never established as convincing actors and so it received the pointed name Muscles From Brussels. Its answer was the romantic act ion drama „without way out “from the year 1993. Further successful films followed. 1995 gave Van Damme its direction debut in „The Quest - the challenge “.

Since 2000 created it however few Van Damme-Filme still into the cinemas and mostly directly on DVD was published. It proved nevertheless in „Replicant “again that it is capable of schauspielerischen achievements quite. It embodied there in a double role a moved series killer and its one day old clone, which possesses the abilities of its original, the world however straight only becomes acquainted with.

failed marriages

Jean Claude van Damme is for the fifth time married. It was married from 1978 to 1984 with Maria Rodriguez, 1985 with Cynthia Derderian, 1986 to 1992 with Gladys Portugues and 1994 to 1997 with Darcy LaPier, with which it had 1995 a son. Since is it again married 1999 with Gladys Portugues, with which it had already 1987 a son and a 1990 a daughter.


1986: Carats tigers
1987: Bloodsport
1988: Talk Eagles
1989: Kickboxer
1989: Cyborg
1990: With steel fist
1990: Leon
1991: Clenched charge
1992: Universal Soldier
1993: Without way out
1993: Hard targets
1994: Street Fighter - the crucial battle
1994: Time copilot
1995: Sudden Death
1996: The Quest - the challenge
1996: Maximum Risk
1997: Double team
1998: Knock off
1999: The Legionär
1999: Universal Soldier: The return
2000: Inferno
2001: Replicant
2001: The order
2002: Derailed - terror in the course
2003: In bright
2005: Wake OF Death
2006: Second in COMMANDs
2006: The hard Corps 2007: Till Death 2007: Bloodsport 2 2007:

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