Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier

Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier (* 30. March 1757 in Metz; † 15. June 1785 in Wimereux, Pas de Calais) was a French physicist and one of the first aviation pioneers.

First manned balloon travel

to 15. October 1783 succeeded to that at that time 26-jährigen physicist with royal grant the travel with a Montgolfière ( a hot-air balloon) of the brothers Montgolfier, in which he a height of approx. 26 meters reached. Thus first historically secured manned aviation succeeded to itthe mankind, which was balloon however still with chains at the soil embodied.

To 21. November accomplishes it the first free flight in the history of mankind. In the 25-minütigen travel it floats together with François of d'Arlandes 12 km ofCenter Paris 'up to the peripheral areas of the French capital.

It developed the Rozière designated after him, a combination of hydrogen balloon and hot-air balloon. To 15. It started June 1785 with such a balloon from Boulogne sur Mer toward Great Britain. In 900 meters height caught fire the hydrogen. Pilâtre de Rozier and its passenger Pierre Romain died. They were the first victims of aviation.


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