Jean Marie Vianney

Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, also Jean Marie Baptiste, German: Johannes Maria (* 8. May 1786 in Dardilly, Département Rhône; † 4. August 1859 in acre prototype to, Département Ain), called „the minister of acre “, was a catholic priest and is a holy of the catholic church.

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Vianney came as a fourth child of the farmer Matthieu Vianney and his Mrs. Marie Beluse to the world. Its nut/mother educated it religiously. He worked first on the paternal farm. Since it had the desire, priests to become, he visited the Pfarrschule of minister Balley in Écully starting from 1805 with Lyon, where he made only modest progress because of its small intelligence.

Kitchen of the yard of the parsonage into acre

1809 it was drawn to the military service. An illness prevented it from engaging. After its recovery it should follow the troop, could however for desertion after Les Noës with Roanne be persuaded. There it lived Jérome Vincent under the name „“and worked starting from 1810 as a village school teacher. By an amnesty for deserters it could continue 1811 its study and visit the seminar in Verrières EN Forez with Montbrison and starting from October 1813 the seminar in Lyon. Although it had large difficulties with learning latin language, it by the efforts minister Balleys became and because of its Frömmigkeit to 13. August 1815 in Grenoble to the priest geweiht.

It was first Kaplan with minister Balley in Écully and starting from 9. February of 1818 ministers in acre prototype to with Lyon, a religiously uninterested municipality, which had at that time 240 inhabitants. It lived Selbstgeisselung in personal poverty, prayed much and led a strict bus life with chamfered and. It began to recondition the desolate local church, created 1818 rose wreath/ring brother shank, later you air tables brother shank, 1824 a Mädchenschule, 1827 one house for half and full orphans (La Providence) and 1832 a Knabenschule.

Soon it became a looked for Beichtvater, which seized intuitively the problems of the Beichtenden. Approximately starting from 1826 acre a Pilgerort became, because humans hear and with him beichten his lectures wanted. It is reported that it sat daily fourteen hours in the Beichtstuhl. He attributed numerous healings and miracles, which happened, the holy Philomena , which he admired much.

The unverweste body of the minister of acre

occasional doubts about its appointment tormented it to the priest. Because of work overloading it tried to flee several times out acre, in order to lead a contemplative life, however by the inhabitants was again fetched back. After some meeting with hostility and slandering he was appointed 1850 honour cathedral gentlemen and 1855 the knight of the Ehrenlegion.

After its death it became to 14. August 1859 buried in a Gruft of the church of acre. 1862 were already introduced the blessed speaking process. To 17. June 1904 was exhumiert, prepared its body, which was unverwest, and put into a bronze shrine of the Basilika of acre. By Pope Pius X. took place to 8. January 1905 the blessed speaking and Pius XI. spoke it to 31. May 1925 holy.

Its life has the writers Léon Bloy and Georges Bernanos (diary of a land minister) in France as well as the film director Robert Bresson affected.


its anniversary is in the catholic church of the 4. August.
As a “holy minister of acre” it is considered since 1929 world-wide as a protection patron of the ministers.


it is usually represented as a priest with a Rochett and a Stola.


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