Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre in Warsaw, 2005

Jean Michel Jarre (* 24. August 1948 in Lyon) is a French representative of the electronic music.

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1948-1970: The early years

Jean Michel Jarre became to 24. August 1948 in Lyon as a son of the musician Maurice Jarre and the Résistance - Aktivistin France Péjot born. Its parents let themselves be separated, before it was four years old. Its father only shortly thereafter began his career as a composer of film music in Hollywood. Jean Michel Jarre became thusnever of his father in music affects.

With five years Jarre learned to play the piano but its musical interest was only aroused, when its nut/mother carried it forward to his tenth birthday into that Paris jazz club Le Chat Qui Pêche, where it and. A. jazz Trompeter Chet Baker a Ständchen played.

In the 60's Jarre two of volume based: Mystère IV and The Dustbins. The latters played pieces of the Shadows and the Spotnicks after and were in the Etienne Perier film of the Garçons Et of the Filles to be seen. In all other respects Jarre played at that time electrical guitar.

it joined 1969 then the Groupe de Recherches of musical , who concrète itself under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer with the so-called Musique concerned. During a yearly, which spent Jarre in the Groupe de Recherches of musical, it took its first self-composition named Happiness IsA Sad Song up.

1971-1975: First publications

1971 already became it a special honour assign: It could be electronics ballet Aor in that Paris opera to specify and was thereby a youngest composer whose work was played into this resounding.

1971 published Jarrein addition over Francis Dreyfus' label Disques of engine its first single, La Cage, and 1972 the first LP Deserted Palace. In the following years smaller compositions for radio, television and advertisement as well as the 1973 published film music of the Jean Chapot Film the Löwin and its hunter ( original title developed: Les Granges Brûlées). Besides and produced he wrote pieces and whole albums for the French musicians Christophe (likewise with Disques of engine under contract), to Françoise Hardy (Warner), Patrick Juvet (Barclay) and Gérard Lenorman (CBS).

1976-1985: Large successes

his large break-through hadJarre with that 1976 album Oxygène appeared, which drove out, starting from 1977 over PolyGram world-wide, to a surprising success turned out, and from which to 2003 world-wide 12 million copies were sold.

1976 became acquainted with Jarre also the British actress Charlotte Rampling, which he married 1978. TooEmilie, Jarres daughter from first marriage, and Barnaby, the son of its freshbaked wife, came soon David as a third child.

1978 appeared Equinoxe, the follow-up album of Oxygène. The conceptionally similarly developed album sold itself 8 million to time.

To 14. July 1979 found Jean Michel Jarres first concerton the Place de la Concorde in Paris instead of. It showed already clearly, into which direction Jarres future concerts should go: Light effects, projections, fireworks and an enormous public - 1.000.000 spectators with its first live appearance brought an entry to Jarre in the Guinness book of the records for thatspectator-strongest concert of all times.

1981 introduced Jarre on its album Magnetic Fields the Sampling, even if first only to small extent. After the publication of this album Jarre became a special honour assigns: As a first western musician after the case of Mao Zedong it was allowedarise in the People's Republic of China. The five concerts in China 1981 - two in Peking, three in Shanghai - were published 1982 in form of a double LP named The Concerts in China.

1983 developed the rarest Jarre album at all - for music For Supermarkets.As reaction upthe commercialization of the music scene took up Jarre this album, let exactly one LP press and these then to 06. July 1983 in the hotel Drouot in Paris for 10.000 GBP auctions. The whole work was played once in the radio Luxembourg, destroyed afterwards the Mastertapes. ThereJarre at that time its fans to the Mitschneiden of the transmission called, can one today in the Internet MP3-Versionen of the album find. Three pieces would be allowed to do Jarre fans also admit to occur: Song 3 (from page 1) was reused in rendezvous 5 part 3, song 5 (page 1) knows one as if blowBlow Café and song 7 (page 2) as Diva (without Laurie Anderson one) of the album Zoolook.

On its 1984er Samples of human voices from various languages dominate album Zoolook. In addition for the first time guest musicians were in an Jarre album, for example involved the performance artist Laurie Anderson one, thatBassist Marcus Miller and the King Crimson - guitarist Adrian Belew.

1986-1991: Gigantic live-pageant

1986 was invited Jarre from the US Federal State Texas and the American space agency NASA to a concert after Houston. Cause was the 150jährige anniversary of Texas and the 25-year old anniversaryNASA. Particularly for this concert Jarre took up the album rendezvous . One of the pieces on this album should bring the astronaut Ronald in McNair in the universe on board the space shuttle Challenger on the saxophone, and at the concert he should participate from the space shuttle out. Howeverthe start of the Challenger turned out to 28. January to the up to then largest disaster in US-American space travel history. Nevertheless rendezvous Houston took place - A town center in Concert and the astronauts of the Challenger was dedicated. The Skyline of Houston was integrated in a light and a Lasershow.At least 1.300.000 spectators pursued that pageant.

A half year later, to 5. It stepped October 1986 in its hometown Lyon on the occasion of the attendance of Pope Johannes Paul II. up. After the Pope had expressed his benediction over the city, the concert, that began 800,000 humansattended. The two rendezvous - concerts became the live-album in Concert Houston Lyon and/or. its longer expenditure Cities in Concert Houston Lyon dedicated.

The next album revolution uraufgeführt to 8. and 9. October 1988 in the Londoner Queen Victoria dock. The concert Destination of dock country found on a swimming stageinstead of. Despite the pouring rain 80,000 paying visitors and further 200,000 fence guests came. Also of this concert a live-album was made:Live one, that was renamed in the 90's in Destination of dock country.

Unusual sounds sound to that on Jarres 1990er album Waiting For Cousteau , the Steeldrum- Group of Amoco Renegades in some pieces a breath of Karibik lent.

Also to 14. July 1990 specified concert Paris La Défense - Une Ville EN Concert dedicated Jarre to the sea researcher Jacques Yves Cousteau. Actually also 200 became. Anniversary of the French revolution with one year'sDelay celebrated, because Jarre should arise originally to 1989. With this concert, which took place in Paris cloud scratch quarters the La Défense and which entire architecture including the Grande Arche included also into the Lichtshow, Jarre over-bid for the second time its own record - in the Guinness book of the recordsthe number of 2.000.000 spectators was registered, some estimations speaks of 2.500.000. The place, which the public took, reached back up to the Arc de Triomphe.

At the 11. July 1991 took place at midday in Teotihuacan in Mexico a total solar eclipse. To this causea concert was intended, for which Jarre had composed even already special pieces. However the ship, which should bring the stage to Mexico, in the Atlantic sank, whereupon the concert had to be painted. The pieces did not remain unpublished, them found introduction into the album image -The Best OF Jean Michel Jarre.

Two pieces of the class 1991 were however never published. Jarre wrote it for Cousteaus film Palawan - the last Paradies.

1992-1998: Back to the old sound, 1992

Swiss clock manufacturer Swatch the production of its 100.000.000sten celebrated two toursWrist-watch. From this cause on the one hand a new model was presented named musi call; its alarm tones were composed gradually by different musicians, and the melody of the first class wrote Jean Michel Jarre (its secondary on musi call is as if SAM-polarize in the title „chronology 4 “). On the other handorganized he to 25. and 26. September in Zermatt the Multimedia show Swatch The World, which differed from its concerts by the fact that the music was not played live. In the same year the luxury hotel plant became Sun town center with the similarly conceived show Legends OF in BophuthatswanaThe draws to town center at the 1. , 2. and 3. December opens.

The 90's brought the only two European-wide tours to Jarres. 1993 took place to the album chronology the Europe in Concert - route, an open air tour, which led Jarre also to its first concert in Germany to Berlin.For the 18. June 1994 intended concert in Duesseldorf, for which 12,000 ticket was sold already, was called off at short notice.

But Jarre stepped with the opening celebration of the large stadium into Hong Kong at the 11. March 1994 before 50.000 paying spectators up. The live-album Hong Kong appeared as replacement for the originally planned Mitschnitt of the Duesseldorf concert.

To 14. July 1995 specified Jarre as an UNESCO Ambassador the Concert Pour La Tolérance before that Paris Eiffelturm, which 1.200.000 spectators saw locally. Among the musicians the Algerian was as a special guestSinger Cheb Khaled.

For the 5. April 1996 intended concert for the opening of the Crown Casino in Melbourne had to be called off one week before.

To 22. March 1997 stepped Jarre as a music guest with the 105. Expenditure of the Fernsehshow bets that.?in Vienna up. Itcity hall played the piece of Oxygène 8 during a live-circuit to the Viennese. The city hall in the background served as canvas for projections.

Its second tour led Jarre 1997 after publication of its album Oxygène 7-13 by various European concert resounding. Germany was with the Oxygène arena route with sevenConcerts thereby. Still in the same year, to 6. September, improved Jarre its own spectator record - not however the world record -, when on the occasion of the 850-jährigen of anniversary of the city Moscow before the national University of MGU the concert Oxygen in Moscow took place. There the enormous building of the MGUnearly in completely Moscow to see is and a great many people in the roads celebrated, was estimated 3.500.000 humans witnesses of the Spektakels.

Oxygène 7-13 was also the first album, which brought Jarre out under the label Epic belonging to Sony music. Followed it in the same yearthe other albums starting from Oxygène, appeared so far, which were geremastert on the current state of the art with a dissolution of 24 Bit/96 kHz and changed partly contentwise.

The albums chronology and Oxygène 7-13 accompanied of numerous Remixen, so that Jarre decided, with itused Stilistiken and some Remixer for a kind concert to unite. First of this electronics Nights found under the title rendezvous '98 to 14. July 1998 again under the Eiffelturm instead of. The new style found that with approximately 500,000 spectators not the hoped for resemblance and harvestedBuhrufe. A further Event of this kind was iMac the Night - Jarre@Apple.expo, those on the occasion of the presentation iMac to 18. September 1998 was aligned and for the first time 3D-Projektionen contained.

To the soccer world championship Jarre carried 1998 out in France equal two contributions, in each case as co-operation. For Great Britain it playedtogether with Apollo 440, which had before already made Remixe of some Jarre pieces, a new version of Fourth rendezvous named rendezvous '98 in. For Japan developed in co-operation with Tetsuya Komuro the new Together Now, which was sung by women and children.

Work on []

1999-2002: 21 beginning. Century

to the turn of the century to 31. December 1999 was invited Jarre by several cities. It arose finally before the pyramids of Gizeh . During four of the twelve hours, which lasted the Twelve Dreams OF The Sun, the actual split Jarre concert foundinstead of. Jarre anticipated the album Metamorphoses , at the beginning of the 2000 appeared and as only Jarre album singing with text contains.

To 31. December 2000 celebrated Jarre also with a concert - as The Vizitors appeared it and Tetsuya Komuro on Okinawa. The public reactions up 2001 rendezvous in space, that among other things of the Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke was inspired, fell with restraint out.

2001 returned Jarre to its classical concert style. To 19. and 20. Found June two shows in the Odeion of the Herodes Atticus in the Athener Akropolis in favor of thatGreek organization Elpida instead of. The Akropolis concerts were seen by only in each case 5,000 spectators and failed spatially rather small, which lent a more intimate atmosphere to them than the large concerts used of Jarre.

Jarres appearance on the annually taking place Le Printemps De Bourges was still smaller.The concert of 12. Only 100 loaded guests saw April 2002. Only four unpublished pieces were played; one of it was however already over 30 years old.

To 7. September 2002 saw the wind park Gammel Vrå tightness in close proximity to Aalborg in Denmarkunusual Jarre concert: The stage of aero stood in the midst of of wind-powered devices, which should supply also the entire electricity for the meeting and even into the Lichtshow were merged. As Destination of dock country was accompanied aero by violent rain. In contrast to it the fans had here however upSeat opportunities and even on firm soil do without, so that soon the 35,000 spectators stood in the Morast. Nevertheless the concert up to the end went through.

starting from 2003: New conditions

meanwhile is divorced Jarre of Charlotte Rampling. it gave officially its engagement to 2002of the French actress Isabelle Adjani admits, whose dissolution 2004 settled strongly in the French gossip press. Afterwards it got engaged with the actress Anne Parillaud, which it at the 11. May 2005 civil and to 14. May 2005 church married.

It separated in music afterthe flop Metamorphoses of Epic record and after diversities of opinion of Disques Dreyfus. While Jarre eastwest since 2003 with, possesses Dreyfus stands for a label of the Warner music Group, under contract still the rights at Jarres publications and concerts up to the year 2002. Thisit uses Les Granges Brulées also for example for the CD new publication of the film music extremely rare as record in the year 2003. The last album, which published Jarre with Dreyfus, was sessions 2000, which reminds stylistic of electronic jazz. As disputed as sessions 2000 also Jarres is youngest Studioalbum Geometry OF Love of 2003, which was brought in for the club VIP Room in Paris and in music hardly more reminds of the classical Jarre albums such as Oxygène.

Jarres separation from its former producer led to the unusual situation that for 2004 two Best OF albums of Jean Michel Jarrewere planned. The first of both, which carries the title The Essential, with which album of the same name from the 80ern however together does not have much, by Francis Dreyfus was arranged. As the second aero appeared, a double luggage from CD and a DVD; it contains beside fournew pieces some Jarre classical authors, who were completely again brought in and now for the first time in 5.1 - Surround sound to be present. The video on the DVD shows the eyes of the actress Anne Parillaud.

Nearly exactly 23 years after the Concerts in China Jarre gave to 10. October 2004Concert in the forbidden city in Peking. Cause was the opening of the French yearly in China.

The year 2005 brought Jarre again to Denmark. Beside other artists it stepped to 2. April with that it was once Gala mentioned on the occasion of 200.Birthday of the Danish fairy tale poet Hans Christian Andersen one in the Kopenhagener parks up. As interpretation of the other EN fairy tale one of the shade it played a special version of its piece of rendezvous 2.

The last concert found to 26. August 2005 in the Polish city Danzig instead of. Under the title Przestrzen Wolności (space OF Freedom) was celebrated the 25-year old anniversary of the trade union Solidarność. Jarre and Lech Wałęsa had together initiated this concert, which took place on the famous throwing area north of Danzig.


this list does not cover the works, the Jarre for othersArtist wrote, and it is only one cutout, since it produced further plates/CDs.

  • La Cage, 1971, single without album
  • Deserted Palace, 1972
  • Les Granges Brûlées, 1973
  • Oxygène, 1976 in France, 1977 world-wide
  • Equinoxe, 1978
  • Magnetic Fields/Les Chants Magnétiques, 1981
  • The Concerts inChina/Les Concerts EN Chine, 1982
  • music from time and space, 1983
  • The Essential Jean Michel Jarre, 1983
  • Synthesis, 1983 in Italy
  • music For Supermarkets/Musique Pour Supermarché, 1983, only one copy
  • Zoolook, 1984
  • The Essential 1976-1986, 1985
  • rendezvous, 1986
  • in Concert Houston Lyon/En Concert Houston Lyon/Cities in ConcertHouston Lyon, 1987
  • revolution, 1988
  • live one/Destination of dock country, 1989
  • The laser Years/Les Années laser, 1989, box with 9 CDs
  • Waiting For Cousteau/En Attendant Cousteau, 1990
  • images - The Best OF Jean Michel Jarre, 1991
  • Intégrale, 1992, box with 10 CDs
  • chronology, 1993
  • Hong Kong, 1994
  • Jarremix, 1995
  • Oxygène 7-13, 1997
  • The Complete Oxygène, 1998, CD double luggage
  • rendezvous '98, 1998, Maxi CD, together with Apollo 440
  • Together Now, 1998, together with Tetsuya Komuro
  • Odyssey Through O 2, 1998
  • Metamorphoses, 2000
  • Interior music, for fear for & Olufsen (1000 copies), 2001
  • sessions 2000, 2002
  • Geometry OFLove, 2003
  • The Essential, 2004
  • aero, 2004
  • Jarre in China (2 DVD/1 CD), 2005
  • live From Gdańsk, 2005


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