Jean Pierre Chevènement

Jean Pierre Chevènement (* 9. March 1939 in Belfort) is a French leading politician.


Chevènement is the son of a teacher. It made a diploma in the subject political sciences and visited 1963 - for 1965 the elite university École national d'administration.

Seit 1964 war er Mitglied der französischen Sozialisten (SFIO) und 1971 maßgeblich an der Neugründung als Parti socialiste français (PS) beteiligt. To 22. May 1981 it was appointed as the Minister for research and technology in the rank of a Minister of State in the cabinet by Pierre Mauroy. To 22. March 1983 it withdrew, after it was selected briefly before to the mayor von Belfort. To 19. July 1984 he became successor of Alain Savary as a Minister for national education under Laurent Fabius and dressed the office up to 20. März 1986.

Of 13. May 1988 up to 29. January 1991 he was a French Secretary of Defense of the government Michel Rocard. 1993 it left HP and formed instead from that 1992 created Mouvement of the Citoyens a political party, whose chairman became he. To 4. June 1997 he became French Minister of the Interior in the cabinet of Lionel Jospin. 1998 it had to undergo of a Gallenblasenoperation, whereby it came to so heavy complications that it was appropriate several days in coma. To 29. August 2000 it withdraws as a Minister of the Interior. With the presidency election 2002 it reaches 5.3% and thus the sixth place. 2004 it expresses itself against the European condition .


  • “a Minister holds either the mouth or he withdraws.”
  • “The Minister of the Interior, that is like that something like the charwoman of a government.”


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