Jean Améry

Jean Améry (* 31. October 1912 as Hans Mayer in Vienna; † 17. October 1978 in Salzburg) was a Austrian writer.

Améry buildup as a child of assimilated Jews, catholic educated in the salt chamber property and made after the school bookseller teachings inVienna. Afterwards it was active as a lecturer at the Viennese people's highschool.

1938 emigrierte Améry to Belgium. When “hostile foreigner” he became there 1940 arrested and in the Southern French camp Gurs interned, 1941 succeeded to him the escape. Back in Belgium it turned the resistancetoo. By the Gestapo 1943 arrested, he is deportiert after Auschwitz, afterwards after beech forest and mountain Belsen. Améry was tortured in Breendonk, Belgium heavily by the Gestapo - coworker Klaus Barbie. Its Améry in its work the other world of debt and Sühne processed, also experiencesits publication it 1966 in the German-speaking countries admits became.

After 1945 in Brussels living, he worked as a culture journalist for different German-language newspapers of Switzerland. Occasionally it refuses the publication of its texts in the Federal Republic of Germany. The switching of the radio essayists Southern German Broadcasting Corporation , Helmut Heissenbüttel, help him later to an economic basis.

he commits 1978 in a hotel in Salzburg Suizid. It receives an honour grave on the Viennese central cemetery.

Améry called its essayistic work a revision in permanence. The postwar reality in Germany andits own Traumatisierung by the experienced torture in the 3.Reich („who succumbed, cannot to the torture any longer become domestic in the world “) are with difficulty compatible for it. With which it calls its resentment ( in the other world of debt and Sühne), tried it asTo bring moralist the human thought into the apparently inexorable world run.

As Hommage is designated the Jean Améry price for Essayistik, donated of Robert Menasse, after it.

works (selection)

  • the shipwrecked ones, novel, 1935
  • careers and heads - portraits of famous contemporaries, 1955
  • of dte rodent star, Idoleour time, 1960
  • birth of the present. Shapes and organization of the western civilization since end of war, 1961
  • Gerhart captain. The eternal German, 1963
  • over aging. Revolt and resignation, 1968
  • over the virtue of the Urbanität, 1969
  • contradictions, 1971
  • Unmeisterliche moving years, 1971
  • ideology and motivation, 1974
  • Lefeu or the abort, essay, 1974
  • hand actually put. Discourse over free death, 1976
  • the other world of debt and Sühne - mastering attempts of an overwhelmed essay, 1966
  • Charles Bovary. Country doctor. Portrait of a simple man, 1978
  • works, 2002 FF. (Expenditure for work in nine volumes)


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