Jean Barraqué

Jean Barraqué (* 17. January 1928 in Puteaux with Paris; † 17. August 1973 in Paris) was a French composer.

Barraqué is an important representative of the serial music. The listing of the works, which it regarded as valid andwhich it could complete, is very narrow with six pieces.


  • Séquence Kantate for dramatic Sopran, three percussion instruments and different instruments after texts of Friedrich Nietz, 1950-55
  • Klaviersonate, 1950-1952
  • Le Temps Restitué for Sopran, choir and orchestra after oneText from the death of the Vergil of Hermann Broch, 1956-57, 1967-68 (Orchestrierung)
  • … outer delà you hazard for 5 instrument aluminum and a group of vowels after an own text on a quotation of Hermann Broch, 1958-59
  • Concerto for Vibraphon, clarinet and 6 groups of instrument valleys, 1962-68
  • Chantaprès Chant for 6 Schlagzeuger, Sopran and piano after a text of Hermann Broch (from the death of the Vergil), 1965-66


  • Heinz Klaus butcher, Rainer Riehn (Hrsg.): Jean Barraqué. Volume 82 of the number of music concepts, edition text + criticism, Munich 1993 ISBN 3883774499

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