Jean Charles de Menezes

Jean Charles de Menezes (* 7. January 1978 in Gonzaga, Minas Gerais; † 22. July 2005 in London) is the victim of an anti-terror employment of the Londoner police, to 22. July 2005 in the station stick-wave London Underground took place. The 27-jährige man, for three years in London of living Brazilians, was shot thereby by officials in civilian clothes from next proximity. After the available information it concerned the targeted killing because of the mistake with one at this time only due to indications suspecting. The case released in particular in its homeland embarrassment and led to diplomatic detunings between Brazil and Great Britain.

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course of events

the incident occurred in the morning 22. July, one day after in London several explosive devices in public means of transport and two weeks had detonated after the deadly notices of 7. July, with which over 50 persons had been killed. According to police data Menezes' block of flats was guessed/advised in the Südlondoner Lambeth in the hair cross of the investigators, after the address of the block of flats in one of the backpacks, which contained the bombs of the Vortag, not completely detonated, was found.

Menezes left its dwelling against 10 o'clock, in order to go to the work, and from observierenden officials in civilian clothes was beschattet. After a bus travel to the nearby subway railway station stick-wave Menezes first police data according to of the officials one addressed, fled however into the station and jumped over the shut-off positions. When jumping up on a waiting course it came into the Straucheln and/or. to case it was brought and held by four officials to the soil on which one of the policemen drew a weapon and delivered the deadly shots into the back of the head. This representation of the police was drawn repeated in doubts. Scotland yard had besides several times its representation of the expiration of act publicly to correct. According to newer press releases (January 2006), is besides to the assigned official over radio of false way of the police guidance to have been communicated, with Menezes concern it itself a looked for Muslim terror-suspicious. This message is to be able to push away later from minutes to have been removed around the responsibility on the local task forces (see Wikilinks and Web on the left of).

It became later admits that at least eleven shots were fired on de Menezes: Filters met it into the head, one met the shoulder. Three shots missed the victim.

The police justified its procedure with the danger of a possible bomb attack or an inadvertently released explosion. The pursuers assumed that it concerned with Menezes a terrorist, who was complicated by the Vortag into the acts and possibly carried a bomb. As reason the gefundende address as well as those were indicated unusually thick clothing and the südländische appearance of the young man. After the pursuit was certain for the policemen to have a suicide assassin before itself, possibly armed with a blowing up belt.

One day after the incident Scotland did not communicate to yard , the man anything with the assassination attempt do had. The authorities announced an investigation. Of Brazil minister of foreign affairs, Celso Amorim, was it shown indignant about the death of the man. It as well as the members de Menezes' demanded a rapid clearing-up of the happening. The Brazilian press wrote execution in this connection of one“.

Scotland yard defended its politics „of the final rescue shot “ (Shoot ton kill policy) as „alternativeless “. Since 2002 security forceses are dependent in Great Britain to shoot direct possible suicide assassins into the head instead of aiming only at the body. So it is to be prevented that the shots release a bomb or the assassin finds still time to ignite a possible explosive device. Critics doubt that such a procedure is justifiable in a constitutional state. Shoot ton kill makes policemen judges.


the incident is examined since at the end of of July 2005 by the Independent policy Complaints Commission (IPCC), which is responsible on the part of the police in Great Britain for the investigation of serious failure. Their final report is to be published to at the beginning of of 2006.

To 16. August published the British television station ITV Videoaufzeichnungen from the monitoring cameras of the subway railway station as well as to the press arrived parts of an internal report of the IPCC, which contradict the original descriptions of the Londoner police in several points:

  • Menezes did not carry „thick winter clothes “, but a Jean jacket and - for trousers.
  • Menezes jumped not over ticket control, but in the subway railway station completely inconspicuously behaved, and then only at the platform to the course ran, because this straight brought in.

The Londoner police and its boss Sir Ian Blair was accused in this connection manipulation and the attempt of the cover-up.

In the process of the investigation repeats the legality of Menezes' stay in Great Britain in question placed, which might reduce the prospects in case of a confirmation on legal proceedings against the police substantially.

Menezes' family started in the meantime its own campaign, which demands the cancellation of shoot tons apart from a full clearing-up and the punishment of the responsible persons kill from the police guidelines.


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