Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow 1934
Jean Harlow 1934

Jean Harlow (actually Harlean Carpenter; * 3. March 1911 in Kansas town center, Missouri; † 7. June 1937 in Los Angeles) was US - American actress.

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the myth

in their only 10 years lasting career succeeded it to it to create a lasting image. It became the model for all later, primarily platinum-blond, Sexbomben. The invariably largePopularity of the actress showed up, when one selected it recently at place 22 the female „Greatest American screen Legends “.

1937 were it on the title page would run magazines.


Harlean was born as a daughter rich of a dentist.Their nut/mother, later admits than „Jean “, preserved long time the dream MON ago to become actress. The marriage broke fast, and the nut/mother never permitted it to see their father. Instead it was received a second marriage with Marion Bello,and the family pulled to Chicago.

In its childhood Harlean under their fastened health suffered, it got Meningitis and with 15 Scharlach. With 16 it ran away from at home, in order to marry the young businessman Charles McGrew. Youlife dream at that time was that the housewife and nut/mother. The recent pair went to Los Angeles, and Harlean got, in order to support their man, small jobs in Hollywood Studios. Already 1928 received it smaller roles, usually however only in Kurzfilmen. Thus it arose to Comedykurzfilmen in the Hal Roach - beside olive Hardy and Stan Laurel . Their marriage broke 1929, and success in the film seemed to take time also.

1930 turned the multi-millionaire and film producer Howard Hugheslarge parts of its first as silent movie film begun Hell's Angels as Tonfilm again. Also all scenes with the past Hauptdarstellerin Greta Nissen with Jean Harlow were again turned. In the film the Harlow speaks also one of the most famous sentences thatFilm history:DO you mind if I slip into something more comfortable? / Power it you somewhat out, if I slip rapidly into something more comfortable?). Such ambiguities were quite common in the silent movie, but as spoken dialogue line them produced a due scandal.

The following films were however a little suitable to make from Jean Harlow a large star. An exception educated spoiled heiress to 1931 franc Capra 's Platinum blond one, where it as rich, together with Loretta Young around the same man competed. For the first timemeasures Harlow showed also its feeling for comedy.

1932 bought finally its contract of Hughes to MGM and already with their second film for MGM, the comedy talk Headed Woman, began the ascent to the Topstar. The film was for thosetime at that time so daringly that it was forbidden in England by the censor. In the same year Jean played Dust for the first time beside Clark Gable in triangle history talks.

Jean Harlow 1932
Jean Harlow 1932

1932 married it Paul Berne, however the twoMonths after the wedding, during which to their first film with Clark Gable, voluntarily from the lives separated turning work. 1933 married it the cameraman Harold Rosson. The marriage became eight months later divorced. Afterwards the actress took officially thatName Jean Harlow on.

After 1933 Jean played the two frequently with William Powell together and became also privately a pair. The Studio used the actress now frequently in society comedies, from which some today still admits are: Wife vs.Secretary with Myrna Loy and Clark Gable, as well as love LED lady with William Powell, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy.

The actress died 1937 surprisingly during the turning work to Saratoga at a poisoning due to kidney failure.

The actual commercial valuethe actress around this time for the Studio becomes clear owing to an interesting effect of its death: Originally MGM wanted to obligate for the filming of the Zauberer of Oz /The Wizard OF Oz Shirley Temple. But the Studio was ready,to lend in response Clark Gable and Jean Harlow for the filming of in old Chicago to the 20th Century Fox.

Jean Harlow 1934
Jean Harlow 1934


(in part)

  • 1930 - Hell's Angels - direction: Howard Hughes
  • 1931 - The publicEnemy - direction: William A. Wellman (with James Cagney)
  • 1931 - Iron one - direction: Death Browning (with Lew Ayres)
  • 1931 - Goldie - direction: Benjamin Stoloff (with Spencer Tracy)
  • 1931 - Platinum blond one - direction: Franc Capra(with Loretta Young)
  • 1932 - Three meadow Girls - direction: William Beaudine
  • 1932 - The Beast OF the town center - direction: Charles Brabin (with walter Huston)
  • 1932 - talk Headed Woman - direction: Jack Conway
  • 1932 - talk Dust - Direction: Victor Fleming (with Clark Gable)
  • 1933 - Dinner RK Eight - direction: George Cukor (with John Barrymore, Marie Dressler and Wallace Beery)
  • 1933 - Bombshell - direction: Victor Fleming
  • 1934 - The Girl from Missouri -Direction: Jack Conway (with Lionel Barrymore)
  • 1935 - China Seas - direction: Tay nicely (with Clark Gable, Wallace Beery and Rosalind Russell)
  • 1936 - Riffraff - direction: J. Walter carrots (with Spencer Tracy)
  • 1936 - Wife vs. Secretary - Direction: Clarence Brown (with Clark Gable and Myrna Loy)
  • 1936 - Suzy - direction: George Fitzmaurice (with Cary Grant)
  • 1936 - love LED lady - direction: Jack Conway (with William Powell, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy)
  • 1937 - Personal Property - direction: W. S. Van Dyke (with Robert Taylor)
  • 1937 - Saratoga - direction: Jack Conway (with Clark Gable)


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