Jean II. d'Estrées

Jean II. d'Estrées, comte de Nanteuil le Haudouin called d'Estrées (* 1624; † 9. March 1707 in Paris) was marshal and admiral of France.

Jean was the son of the marshal François Annibal d'Estrées. It served first under Turenne, came however into shank, in which he spent over ten years.

Appointed by the king 1668 the commander of the sea-troops, he punished the robbery states, befehligte 1672 against Holland the united fleet of France and England and fought against the Dutch admiral de Ruyter in the Solebay (→ battle in the Solebay, 7. June 1672).

1673 it prevented the victory of the allied Englishmen in the battle by its inactivity with Texel. 1676 entriss it the dutchmen Cayenne, conquered Gorée and the island Tobago, were appointed 1681 marshal, defeated 1685 the robbery states Tripoli and Tunis and 1686 the viceroy of the American colonies. 1688 he punished Algiers, fought 1691 lucky against the Englishmen and received to 1704 the Gouvernement from Nantes.

It died to 9. March 1707 in Paris.

Its son was Victor Marie of d'Estrées, which became 1703 marshal.

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