Jean Rossel

Jean Rossel (* 19. September 1884 in Berne; † 1944) were a Swiss lawyer and member of the Swiss federal Federal court. It belonged to the FDP . Rossel originally originates from Tramelan in Bernese law and is near related to Virgile Rossel.

Rossel studied Jus in Berne, Lausanne and Paris, before it became Bernese 1908 lawyer. it received the doctor title in right at the University of Berne to 1912. From 1910 to 1919 Rossel of chairmen of the district court was Courtelary, to 1932 judges at the canton court of the canton Berne.

To 15. December 1932 was selected Rossel to the Federal High Court Judge; in this office it remained until 1942. It died 1944.


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