Jeanette conventional man

Jeanette conventional man (* 22. February 1981 in Berlin) is a German actress and Pop - singer.

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with six years appeared to Jeanette already in the child circus Lilliput as an acrobat . Their school achievements were according to their own data “rather on the average”, nevertheless locked them the six-form high school with an average of 1,7. In order to be able and a vocational security have to comb itself with singing appearances themselves, it began a Frisörlehre with the prominent Frisör Udo rolls, which it however after the victory with the picture - hit competition broke off.

Conventional man than Marie Balzer in the daily soap opera property times bad times became a little later the public favourite. There it stepped out in March 2004 , in order to concentrate more on their musical career. To 9. November 2005 ran on Sat1 its first 90-minütiger feature love without back ticket. In the film it fights as a dance teacher Julia Behrendt for the heart of the real estate agent Martin Hansen (easily of ex “GZSZ” - star January Sosniok, to among other things also see in” Berlin, Berlin “). The film became up to 13. July turned in Berlin at 15 scenes.

In the meantime conventional man could obtain some hits as a singer. Their most well-known song is the Ballade NO Eternity (with that it the second t in Eternity for unknown reasons as soft D sings). To 2. April 2005 kept it national for run With ME to ECHO in the category best video. There it showed up also for the first time publicly with its new friend Jörg pointing same suppl. For January they work together on Jeanettes new album “Naked Truth”. Bath Girls club, the first single publication from it, published in October 2005, could tie however not to past successes in the Singlecharts. Starting from that 26. April 2006 is Jeanette with their volumes on the “BATHS GIRLS CLUB” - route to see.




  • 2003: Delicious live one
  • 2003: Skirt My would run route
  • 2004: BREAK on Through


  • 1999: That does terribly pain
  • 2000: Go bake
  • 2001: You There wants
  • 2001: How It' s Got ton of Be/No Style! (Melody of Tschaikovsky's swan lake)
  • 2002: NO More Tears
  • 2002: Sunny Day
  • 2002: Skirt My would run
  • 2002: Incoming goods of' VE Got Tonight (with Ronan Keating)
  • 2003: It' s Over Now
  • 2003: Right Now
  • 2003: Rockin' on Heaven' s Floor
  • 2004: Telling you goodbye (video single)
  • 2004: NO Eternity
  • 2004: Hold The LINE
  • 2004: Run With ME
  • 2004: The Infant Light'
  • 2005: Bath Girls club
  • 2006: Endless Love

of prices

  • 2000 - Bravo Otto
  • 2001 - echo (best artist national)
  • 2002 - unity live crown (Best Female act)
  • 2002 - European Top OF The Pops - Award (Best German act)
  • 2002 - special price of the SR1
  • 2002 - golden Fritz
  • 2003 - Woman OF The Year
  • 2003 - unity live crown (best artist)
  • 2003 - golden Otto
  • 2003 - Silbener Otto
  • 2003 - Mc mega music Award
  • 2004 - golden Otto
  • 2004 - golden camera
  • 2005 - Intercooffeur Award 2005
  • 2005 - echo (video national for “run With ME”)
  • 2005 - Maxim - Woman OF The Year

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