Jean-nice Rankin

Jean-nice Pickering Rankin (* 11. June 1880 in the Missoula County, Montana, † 18. May 1973 in Carmel, California) was an US-American politician, Frauenrechtlerin and a Friedensaktivistin.

As well as she was daughter of a cattle breeder and a lady teacher and the first Mrs., those in the US house of representatives was selected the first woman in congress of US.

Jeannette Rankin
Jean-nice Rankin


after the study at the university of Montana with conclusion 1902 pulled it 1908 to New York town center, where she worked as a social female worker. Later it after Seattle , Washington pulled and wrote themselves at the university of Washington, where it followed the woman right movement. It played an important role for the equal rights and in the fight for the right of the women to be allowed to select in Montana which to 7. November 1914 was carried out. 1916 were selected it as Republikanerin in the house of representatives of Montana and stepped its seat to 4. March 1917 on. As Republikanerin and Pazifistin it was correct with other 56 delegates against the war entrance against Germany and Austria in the First World War. 1918 led it a unsuccessful election campaign for a seat in the US senate. In the following two decades she worked in Washington, DC for different affairs. 1940 were selected Rankin again in congress of US. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, tuned it as only delegates against the declaration of war at Japan. She did not stand as a candidate any longer for the re-election into the congress. In its later life it traveled several times to India and met gleichgesinnte Pazifisten as Mahatma Gandhi.

1968 led it with more than 5,000 Mrs., the so-called. “The Jean-nice Rankin brigade” on, in order to demonstrate at the Kapitol against the Viet Nam war. 1985 one dedicated to her a statue in the Kapitol of Washington, DC.

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