Jeet Kune DO

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Jeet Kune DO (chin. 截拳道, jié quán dào „way of the decisive fist “) is a combat art system developed by Bruce Lee and/or. Self-defense concept. The combat system June fan Gung Fu became original and/or. June fan Kung Fu mentioned, whereby JuneFan of Lees Chinese name is due.

The system is aligned to greatest possible effectiveness in the fight. In addition it combines on the one hand elements from the Wing Chun with techniques from various other eastern and western combat arts, among them also western boxes. On the other hand it does completely without traditionalElements of eastern combat arts. Lee attached always great importance to the fact that its concept not as if ritualisierte combat art was understood.

Take the things like it are: strikes, if you must strike, steps, if you must step.

Bruce Lee

as it due to a spinal column injury several months to thatBed was bound, described Bruce Lee the system in co-operation with his Mrs. Linda in the book “Tao OF Jeet Kune DO”. The book was published 1978 posthum and contains many personal sketches and philosophical explanations.

As previously mentioned, Jeet Kune DO (JKD) is not asCombat art style, but rather as - to understand principle, whereby it Bruce Lee as importantly judged that “Jeet Kune DO” is only one name, which should not be over-interpreted. It described its working with the words “Having NO way as way - having NO limitationas limitation " and thereby primarily the conception of the Daoismus pursued. One is to leave their run to the things and to develop no firm form or conception, but itself the river of the things actively hang-evenly. In the Chinese one one speaks here of wu wei, the “empty” and/or.“Nicht-sein”, further descriptions are “acting by non--acting”.

Bruce Lee referred quite often to the water as elementary Kraft of nature: flexibly, not seizablly, and nevertheless in the situation to excavate a stone. This nature of the water it took itself to the model for thatDuel: not the Boxer, who is Karateka or the Taekwondoka alone the best fighter to record rehearsed techniques but that one, which itself - without on certain, - which can adapt situation and the opponent best. Belongs also to regard humans as an individual. EveryoneHumans are to develop, on its body hear its own, individual “style” and follow this. It plays not only the body strength a role, but rather the impulse, the combination of “Kraft” and/or. Mass and speed. The latter is particularly for small, but fast fighters importantly, therethese the missing mass by speed to catch can. Beyond that JKD has a high philosophical requirement and is therefore much more than a purely physical style.

In its last film - Game OF Death, during its turning work Bruce Lee never deceased and to which thereforeby it to end one brought, but one filled up by additional scenes with doubles - the basic principle of JKD should shine through. In each floor of a five-stage Pagode another combat art should be demonstrated, whereby the adaptability of the JKD Bruce Lee should help to it, than only allTo defeat opponent. In order to differ and thus the singularness of the JKD emphasize from the other combat artists - all in traditional in each case clothes -, carried Bruce Lee in this film its famous yellow suit.

The original photographs to Game OF Death were considered long time asverschollen, however in the meantime emerged. In particular in the fight against Dan Inosanto is very well recognizable, which cinematic requirement wanted to convert Bruce Lee. Should be delivered not only the “Action”, but also the philosophy of the JKD, which itself in the dialogues and symbolically by thatBamboo stick - an extremely flexible, but nevertheless strong weapon - expresses, that Bruce Lee in this scene initially used.

Due to its critical remarks to the traditional kinds of combat haven and the fact that it informed jedwede person independently of the ethnical origin, which the necessary philosophical requirementsthe JKD, came Bruce Lee in America became fair fast into arguments with the traditional Chinese masters. These were the opinion that the secrets of the asiatic combat arts could not be passed on to the western population. Therefore it came to a historical duel between Bruce Leeand one the master. After Bruce Lee had defeated the master within fewer minutes, he was allowed to inform the western pupils from the time on without further objections. How hard Bruce Lee was regarding the advancement of its principles to itself, one can well at thatFact recognize that it was annoyed after the mentioned fight at the fact that it had lasted “to for a long time”.

One of the most famous techniques of the JKD, which one brings inevitably with Bruce Lee in connection, is the so-called. One inch of Punch (a technology, actually from that Wing Chun comes). It implemented a fist impact, which let the opponent several meters tumble from a very small distance - therefore it the name -. With the demonstration of these and further techniques on a Kampfsportgala the milestone for Bruce Lee's career than film star becameand icon as Kung Fu fighters put. He is regarded of many former pupils and outstanding combat artists as the best Kung Fu fighter of the last century.

Bruce Lee passed on its JKD during lifetimes only to few chosen pupils, among them also play sizes such as James Coburn and Chuck Norris. Of theFurther ones were its pupils Ted Wong, Larry Hartsell, Bob of Bremen, Taky Kimura, Lee's wife Linda, Dan Inosanto and still some more. Dan Inosanto was the only pupil Lee's, by it was personally certified Jeet Kune DO to inform. Under its guidance numerous developedoutstanding competitive athletes, like e.g. Paul Vunak the founder progressive Fighting system.

Jeet Kune DO in Germany

in Germany exist today numerous JKD schools.


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