Jehuda Amichai

Jehuda Amichai (* 3. May 1924 in peppering castle; † 22. September 2000 in Jerusalem; actually Ludwig Pfeuffer) was an GermanIsraeli poet. It is considered first, who wrote in colloquial Hebrew as the most widely read and most important modern Israeli poet and was one.

Amichai was born as a son of a buyer. 1936 emigrated its family with it to Palestine . During the Second World War it fought to that in the Jewish brigade British Army and after end of war in the Palestine war for the independence of Israel. Amichai became later a lawyer of the peace and the reconciliation in the Near East and co-operated closely with Palestinian authors.

After its separating from the army Amichai at the Hebrew university took up a study of the Bible sciences and the Hebrew literature to Jerusalem. In the connection he worked first as a teacher, later than university lecturer in Hebrew literature.

First poem volumes appeared 1955 under the title now and in the other days. In its work Amichai is many more spontaneously, more ironically and less obviously literary than other Hebrew poets. For the revolutionary change of the language of the seal, which was introduced by its work, the State of Israel 1982 lent the Israel price to it. Its birth city peppering castle honoured it 1981 with the culture price of the city and designated 2005 a road after it.

Amichais of books are translated into more than 40 languages.

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