Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush

Jenna what Bush (* 25. November 1981 in Dallas, Texas) is the daughter of US-American president George W. Bush and his Mrs. Laura Bush. Jenna is designated after their grandmother mütterlicherseits, and has a twin sister, Barbara Anita Bush.

Jenna is the younger one of the two twins. It studied and informed Texas English at the University OF, thereafter at a public school in Washington D.C..


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[work on] alcohol problems like also their father in the past with alcohol problems . Jenna Bush was held 2001 under influence of alcohol in Austin by the police. Among other things also, because she wanted to buy with a falsified document of identification, which characteristically on the maiden names of its grandmother Barbara Bush, speak Barbara Pierce, read, alcohol. Both sisters pleaded for innocent. Jenna was condemned primarily because of the wrong document of identification to the small punishment of 100 US Dollar and 36 days non-profit service. For the consumption of alcohol as persons under age it had to pay a punishment of 500 dollar and their driving licence for 30 days was drawn in.

election campaign aid

only in the last US president - both daughters stepped election campaign 2004 again more into the field of vision of the public, than they became active in the service of their father and held with party meetings speeches, collected election campaign donations and were present with charitable meetings. Since also the daughters of its challenger became active John Kerry in the election campaign, the American press spoke of „the battle of the daughters “(„battle OF the daughters “).


in the summer 2004 went Jenna as well as a friend on the northSpanish Jakob way, in order to undertake a Fusspilgerfahrt after Santiago de Compostela. In interviews it described the religious experiences made on the way as a deep and intensive meeting with God.

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