Jenny Elvers Elbertzhagen

Jenny Elvers, married Elvers Elbertzhagen, (* 11. May 1973 in Amelinghausen) is a German actress and host. (Often its birth name is falsely indicated to Nikola “, into which it a Nebenrolle played. as “Elke Pflüger , this was however their role name in the TV serial „)

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lives and career

Jenny Elvers began 1989 training afterwards at the play school the floor in Berlin, studied it at 1993 at the play school Hamburg, which locked it with a diploma, and went to Los Angeles to the American national to Academy OF Performing kind.

Since the 1990er - years is active Jenny Elvers Elbertzhagen as a host and actress in Germany. Their image justified as so-calledLuder “ 1995 by a generous short appearance in the filmman pensionby Detlev bend and by frequent medium-effective public appearances. Also the marketing of their relations with Heiner loud brook and Alex Jolig as well as the birth of their child in the year 2001 provided for mediale attention. Since that 2. July 2003 is married it with its manager Goetz Elbertzhagen. The church wedding found to 8. May 2004 instead of.

2004 moderated it KlatschTV on Sat.1. The transmission was reset after few months. After longer Fernsehabstinenz worked she starting from 2005 than host in the Homeshoppingkanal RTL Shop and tried besides without considerable success than singer.

2006 surprised it criticism and public with its darstellerischen achievement in Detlev Bucks social drama bang-hard “.


secondary and main roles in cinema and TV

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