Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson (* 26. February 1973 in Dover, New Hampshire, the USA) is an US-American swimmer.

Thompson is one of the most reliable swimmers of the 90's in the international swimming scene. Although it was never Einzelolympiasiegerin, no more swimmer could collect olympia medals than it. Altogether it won sieved gold medals with US-American relays with the olympic plays 1992, 1996 and 2000. In addition it won the olympic single medals silver over 100 m-freestyle 1992 in Barcelona and the bronze medal over 100 m-freestyle 2000 in Sydney. With the olympic plays 2004 in Athens it won the silver medal behind Australia with the 4 x 100 m-Lagenstaffel.

Their most successful year as a single swimmer was not however an olympic year. 1998 became it with the swimming world championships world champion over 100 m-butterfly and over 100 m-freestyle.


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