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Jerry Lewis (* 16. March 1926 in Newark, new jersey, the USA; actually Joseph Levitch) is an US-American entertainer, producer, an actor and a singer.

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personal record

Jerry Lewis was born as a son of the Vaudeville - actor Danny Lewis and began 1942 likewise with appearances as a maintenance artist. First successes acquired itself it 1946 with appearances with the singer and actor Dean Martin in „the club 500 “in Atlantic town center, with which they deviated from given Scripten and much improvised. After successes in night clubs both years common film work began end of the 1940er. Critics simplified the interaction of the two participants often on „Martin sing, and Lewis hampelt around “. From 1949 to 1953 both arose in the radio ending The Martin and Lewis show , which they continued later on the television under the title Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis show. After many monochrome photographic films their first common color film was the film „the daring Jockey “(Money from Home, 1953), which was also their only 3D-Film.

After publicly discussed disputes Martin and Lewis terminated their co-operation 1956. Martin turned luggage to the advice in such a way specified around Frank Sinatra , turned own films and arose in play casinos; Jerry Lewis however dedicated itself to the advancement of its own film work and Showkarriere. 1976 reconciled themselves Martin and Lewis back as Frank Sinatra with one of Lewis organized Telethon surprisingly Dean Martin also on the stage brought.

The first film with Lewis as exclusive leading actor was 1957 franc Tashlins The Delicate Delinquent. Lewis began to write film scripts to this time both to take over and production and direction. The result was the film The Bellboy, 1960. During production Lewis decided for the first time to use the new mediumvideo “in order to be able to control the photographs immediately. This became following the standard with film productions. From 1967 to 1969 it had its own „The Jerry Lewis show “on the television. It particularly brillierte in a Sketch to the music of Leroy Andersons one title „The Typewriter “(the typewriter), which it also on the German television as a guest star in the Klimbim - show 1973/74 demonstrated.

Also with the following films The Ladies one, The Errand Boy and the moved professor led Lewis themselves direction and was at the same time the leading actor. Starting from center of the 1960er years decreased successes of its films, and it began its successful work for the donation against the muscle decrease with television broadcasts at the American laboratory Day, which already gave it since 1950. Thereby at the 30 million dollar are collected annually.

1972 produced Lewis a Comedy film over a clown, who is kidnapped into a Nazi concentration camp, The Day The clown Cried. The film however never came into the cinemas, to Lewis data because of problems with the financing into the Nachproduktion. The few critics, who could see him, praised either the ingenious komödiantische conversion or condemned it as the worst taste erring.

To eight-year old absence of the large canvas Lewis with Hardly Working returned as leading actor and a director. One year later it than victimvictim victim in Martin Scorseses The King OF Comedy ( 1983) beside Robert De Niro met up, fallow then after the turning work however with a heavy cardiac infarct and was briefly clinically dead. Lewis recovered however again and withdrew themselves from the film business to a large extent, arose however quite often still in Broadway - shows, thus as „a devil “in the reimpression of the musical Damn Yankees.

The mad characters, which Lewis in different films represented, The became material Jerry Lewis Please Sit down in the indication trick series „wants?“parodiert, which the US-American transmitter ABC with seventeen consequences from 1970 to 1972 under participation of Jerry Lewis produced.


Jerry Lewis organized Telethons so mentioned at the American laboratory Day for the Muscular Dystrophy Association since 1966. Since this time altogether over two billion US Dollar were collected. 1977 were therefore nominated Lewis for the Nobel peace prize (it does not have it however received). 1985 were distinguished Lewis with the Defense Medal for Distinguished publicly service for its work, and 2005 he received for the Telethons besides the price of the governor of the Academy OF Television kind and Sciences.

In the Telethons were typically a great many Show star represented, and they were moderated alternating of OD McMahon and Casey Kasem. With the vierzigsten Telethon 2005 collections for the welfare army were accomplished in favor of the victims of the eddy tower Katrina.


  • Jerry Lewis suffers since failed a Stunt in „the The Andy Williams show “1962 at considerable back pain, which let it think even of suicide. Only by the implantation of again developed equipment of the company Medtronic these pain was reduced.
  • Despite its often quäkenden voice Jerry Lewis 1950 had a Chart hit with the interpretation of the song skirt A Bye Your baby with A Dixie Melody, that before admits became by aluminium Jolson and Judy country. The long playing record „to Jerry Lewis Just sing “ranked 1956 even under the first 20 in the American hit parade.


  • 1949: How ton of Smuggle A Hernia Across the Border (Kurzfilm)
  • 1949: My Friend Irma
  • 1950: Irma, the impossible girl (My Friend Irma Goes west)
  • 1950: Noise with the company (RK was with the Army)
  • 1951: That's My Boy
  • 1952: Sailor, passport up! (Sailor Beware)
  • 1952: Fright of the division (Jumping Jacks)
  • 1952: The way after Bali (Road ton of Bali) (Cameo)
  • 1953: The flogging boy (The Stooge)
  • 1953: Rigidly before fear (Scared Stiff)
  • 1953: The Tolpatsch (The Caddy)
  • 1953: The daring Jockey (Money from Home) (3D-Film)
  • 1954: Patient with roof damage (Living It UP)
  • 1954: In the circus of the three maneges (3 ring Circus)
  • 1955: The gangster fright (You're Never Too Young)
  • 1955: The agent fright (Artists and Models)
  • 1956: Where men still men are (Pardners)
  • 1956: Everything around Anita (Hollywood or Bust)
  • 1957: More stupidly than the police (The Delicate Deliquent) 1957
  • permit: The regiment nincompoop (The Sad bag)
  • 1958: The Babysitter (skirt A Bye baby)
  • 1958: The Geisha Boy (The Geisha Boy)
  • 1959: None leaves the ship (Don't Give UP the Ship)
  • 1960: Attendance on a small planet (Visit ton of A Small planet)
  • 1960: Hello, PAGE! (The Bellboy)
  • 1960: Aschenblödel (Cinderfella)
  • 1961: Too hot bathed/I am to still have (The Ladies one)
  • 1961: The office nincompoop (The Errand Boy)
  • 1962: Money does not play a role (It's Only Money)
  • 1963: The moved professor (The Nutty professor)
  • 1963: One totally, totally moved world (It's A WAD WAD WAD WAD World) (Cameo)
  • 1963: The shop guardian (Who's min thing the net curtain?)
  • 1964: The howling buoy (The Patsy)
  • 1964: The Tölpel of the service (The Disorderly Orderly)
  • 1965: The family jewel (The Family Jewels)
  • 1965: Red line 7000 (talk LINE 7000)
  • 1965: Boeing Boeing
  • 1966: Three on a couch (Three on A couch)
  • 1966: The moon calf (Way… Way Out)
  • 1967: The crank (Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River)
  • 1967: A frog man at the fishing rod (to The bend Mouth)
  • 1968: Silent Treatment
  • 1969: Jerry, the heart patient (Hook, LINE & Sinker)
  • 1970: Where please does it go here to the front? (Which Way ton the front?)
  • 1972: The Day The clown Cried (not terminated)
  • 1980: Everything in manual work (Hardly Working)
  • 1982: Slapstick (OF Another child)
  • 1983: The King OF Comedy
  • 1983: Always on the small ones (Cracking UP)
  • 1984: How Did You GET in? Incoming goods Didn't lake You Leave
  • 1984: Jerry, which beknackte totally copilot (Hold ME bake, or I'll Have at Accident)
  • 1989: Cookie
  • 1992: The last Komödiant - Mr. Saturday Night (Mr. Saturday Night)
  • 1993: Arizona Dream
  • 1995: Funny Bones - deadly ones of jokes (Funny Bones)
  • 2004: Measure Castaway and the Iceland Girls


  • 1954 - golden apple with „golden Apple the Awards “(together with Dean Martin) as „a most cooperative actor “
  • 1965 - special price golden Laurel with the Laurel Awards as „Family Comedy King “
  • 1966 - „best one foreign actor “(together with Dean Martin) with „the Fotogramas de Plata “
  • 1966 - nominated for golden the Globe as „a best actor “in Boeing, Boeing
  • 1984 - member of the French Ehrenlegion
  • 1984 - nominated for the golden raspberry in the category of worst actors (for role in Slapstick)
  • 1984 - OF nominates Comedy 1998 for the BAFTA Award as best Nebendarsteller in The
  • King - Running time Achievement Award „the American Comedy Awards “
  • 1999 - golden lion for the life's work with the film festivals of Venice
  • 2004 - Career Achievement Award „of Los Angeles the film Critics Association Awards “
  • 2005 - golden camera for its life's work
  • 2005 - Governor's Award with the Emmy - Awards
  • 2005 - Nicola Tesla Award with „golden the Satellite Awards “

clay/tone carrier

  • 1956 - to Jerry Lewis Just sing
  • EMI Comedy: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
  • Jerry Lewis: The Capitol Collector's Series
  • Jerry Lewis: Phoney Phone call 1959-1972


  • Jerry Lewis, Rainer Gansera: Like I films make (OT: The totally film Maker). Rowohlt, Reinbek with Hamburg 1976, ISBN 3-499-11927-7
  • Jerry Lewis/James Kaplan: Dean and ME - A Love story, random House - ISBN 0-7679-2086-4


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