Jerzy Dudek

Jerzy Dudek (* 23. March 1973 in Rybnik, Poland) is a Polish football player.

Dudek is the current Torwart of the Polish national team. It changed 2001 of Feyenoord Rotterdam to the fiber plastic Liverpool into the English Prime Minister League. After an extremely successful first season he got 2002 in South Korea problems after the soccer world championship disappointing for Poland, made a great many easy errors and by the spare goal keeper Chris Kirkland was replaced. After Kirkland hurt itself, became Dudek cure-two-lie again the master goal keeper of the fiber plastic Liverpool. At the end of the season 2004/2005 Dudek finally won the UEFA champion League with a 6:5 victory with the fiber plastic Liverpool after penalty shootout against the AC Milan. With three eleven-meters held it had personally a large portion of this success and was promoted to the hero of the play. Besides it held two dangerous shots of Andrij Schewtschenko from short distance in the last minutes and saved the “Reds” thus into the penalty shootout. Its special tactics with the penalty shootout consists of it, while the opposing player starts, moving on the goal line and to make small jumps, what the contactors confused, since it foresee cannot, into which direction Dudek will jump. In the season 2005/2006 got Jerzy Dudek a hard competitor. Jose Manuel “Pepe” Reina, Spanish national goalkeeper. The season for Dudek ran somewhat through-grows. Briefly before beginning of season hurt yourself Dudek at the arm joint and failed about 4 week. For the last qualification play against England Jerzy Dudek was again nominated.

Dudek has still two brothers. Dariusz Dudek is interior defender with the Polish Erstligisten Odra Wodzisław and the other one plays each Sunday in the place Wilcza the church organ. Dudeks father worked in the coal mine and its nut/mother was a housewife. Today parents of Jerzy Dudek in Ochojec live.


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