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jet left (Chinese: 李连杰, Lǐ Liánjié ?; Cantonese: Lei Lin Git; * 26. April 1963 in Peking) is an actor and combat art - masters of Chinese origin.

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to 26. April 1963 in Peking, China, born jet left ranks among the most in demand combat art participants Hollywoods. He achieved 1979 from 1974 - five times in consequence the victory of the Chinese championships in modern Wu Shu.

With a size of only 1.69 m it fought fast into the hearts of its fans and enjoyed themselves already early in completely Asia cult status. jet left flogged and made themselves 1998 then Mel Gibson in the Blockbuster Lethal Weapon 4 in Hollywood as rogue a name. The break-through succeeded to it 2000 with the main role in Romeo Must those. Films such as Kiss OF The Dragon, The One, fount 2 those and Hero followed.

Its he finds fans everywhere. Whether with dte rodents, which it 1998 with MTV the Movie Awards for Lethal Weapon 4 in the section “best rogue” and 2000 for Romeo Must nominated in the column “best combat scene”. Or also with female Bewunderen, the left in an inquiry of E! On-line ones under the Top 25 the “Sexiest Men in Showbiz” selected.

It and his Mrs. Nina Chi left have a daughter named Jane, to 19. April 2000 the light of the world saw. Before he was Nina Chi left before-light, he still with Huang Chiu Yan, a Kampfkunstexpertin, which he became acquainted with with the turning work to the film “Shaolin Temple 2”, married, with which it has still two further daughters.

In the year 2004 jet left escaped only scarcely the devastating Flutwelle in consequence of an earthquake on an island of the Maldives. He spent there with its 4-jährigen daughter his vacation and hurt themselves at the foot, while he carried her off on the escape before the wave.

Jet has altogether four brothers and sisters, two older brothers as well as two older sisters.

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