Jewgeni Alexandrowitsch Kafelnikow

Jewgeni Alexandrowitsch Kafelnikow (Russian ЕвгенийАлександровичКафельников, wiss. Transliteration Evgenij Alexandrovič Kafel'nikov; * 18. February 1974 in Sotschi) is a former tennis player.

Kafelnikow completed national Institut for sport in Krasnodar and is since 1992 professional. Its largest success was victories with the French open 1996, the Australian open 1999 and the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney. It was for short time number one of the world rank list and also in the double numerous successes celebrated. In addition it was member of the victorious Russian Davis Cup - crew of 2002. In its best time it denied most plays on the ATP route. Among its strengths reliably the dangerous Winner and the fact ranked that already lost believed portions were turned. It is one of the best best OF of 5 players. Not even Andre Agassi, could so often transform a 0:2 sentence arrears into a 3:2 victory. Among the large weakness ranked reliably its relatively high ratio of unerzwungenen errors. Sometimes it despaired of it, but by its Winner it could do that to some extent making up for. If it wanted could it everything, but often is it soundless gone down. Its relations with the Wettmafia is doubtful. Rumors to gave it arrangements with Fernando Vicente and Hugo Armando, which won their plays as outsiders smoothly, follow.

After its resignation from the professional tennis he dedicates himself now increasingly Poker ( was with Pokerwettbewerben in the TV to already see) to his passion, as well as the gulf play. it gave however clearly the CUT to 2005 in Moscow.

Kafelnikov is divorced and has a daughter.


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