Jewgeni Iwanowitsch Samjatin

Jewgeni Iwanowitsch Samjatin (Russian ЕвгенийИвановичЗамятин, wiss. Transliteration Evgenij Ivanovič Zamjatin; * 20. January 1884 in Lebedjan; † 10. March 1937 in Paris) was a Russian revolutionary and writer.

During its study as a shipbuilding engineer in Pc. Petersburg followed it the Bolsheviks . It agitated 1917 for the party, organized the rebellion on the tank cruiser Potemkin along and took part actively in the October Revolution.

Disillusioned of Leninistic state the terror it turned away soon from the Bolschewisten. 1920 describedit in the novel we a fictitious society, in which any individuality was suppressed. Samjatin tightened itself due to the indirect criticism at the communist society the displeasure of its comrades and received write prohibition.

We in the middle of the 20's in different languages was abroad published. 1929 left Samjatin the Soviet writer federation, 1931 went it into the exile, where he died 1937 in Paris.

Later published novels of other authors like beautiful one new world of Aldous Huxley, 1984 of George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 of Ray Bradbury point many agreements with Samjatins We up.

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