Jewgeni Karlowitsch Miller

Jewgeni Karlowitsch Miller (Russian ЕвгенийКарловичМиллер) (* 25. September 1867 in Daugavpils, Latvia; † 11. May 1937 in Moscow) was a Russian general and one the leader of the white ones in the Russian civil war.

The career an officer was descendant of a German Russian family. After successful completing it served the military academy first in the imperial guard. Between 1898 and 1907 he was sent as Russian Militärattaché into various European capitals. Among other things it became active in this time in Rome , the Hague and Brussels. In the 1. World war was he commander Muscovites of the military district and the 5. Russian army. In this function it reached the rank of a lieutenant general.

When it wanted to forbid subordinated soldier carrying red armlets to it after the February revolution in the year 1917, because it did not go with the ideas of the revolution conformal, it was arrested by the own men.

After the October Revolution Miller fled after Archangelsk, where he proclaimed himself to the governor general of north Russia and followed the white ones. In May 1919 he was appointed by admiral Alexander Koltschak, one the main leader of the white civil war party, the kommandierenden general of all units of the white ones in north Russia. Its army, with which it controlled the cities Archangelsk , Murmansk and Olonets, was supported by troops of the Entente. These mainly British units were taken off however after a common attack on the Red Army in the summer, failed in the area of the northern Dwina , 1919, so that it had to meet the Bolshevik now alone.

After further resistance against the Bolschwiken had become offering no prospects, Miller went in February 1920 in the exile to Norway. Later it drew arranged activities to France and unfolded from there out in co-operation with the large prince Nikolaus and the general Pjotr Nikolajewitsch Wrangel further against the Bolsheviks.

Between 1930 and 1937 Miller functioned as a chairman of the union of all Russian military units in the exile. In the year 1937 he was kidnapped to a general of the white ones , who worked in the exile secretly for the Bolsheviks, under participation of the NKWD agent Nikolai Skoblin, and brought to Russia.

At the 11. May 1937 was exekutiert Miller in Moscow.


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