Jewgeni Wiktorowitsch Pljuschtschenko

Olympische Ringe
Jewgeni Pljuschtschenko here with the qualification cure with the world championship in the ice art running 2004 in Dortmund
ice art running
silver 2002 Mr.
Gold 2006 Mr.

Jewgeni Wiktorowitsch Pljuschtschenko (Russian ЕвгенийВикторовичПлющенко; * 3. November 1982 in Solnetschny) is a Russian ice art runner, an olympia winner and a repeated world champion in its discipline. Pljuschtschenko was born in the region Chabarowsk in Siberia. The family moved after Wolgograd , when it was years old 3.

Pljuschtschenko began at the age of 4 years with the ice art running. He came by its nut/mother, Tatjana Wassiljewna, to this sport. When it was years old 11, the ice-skating rink in Wolgograd, on which it trained at that time, was closed. Thus it pulled after pc. Petersburg over. Its nut/mother followed later after pc. Petersburg. Its father Wiktor, by occupation carpenter, and its sister, Jelena, remained in Wolgograd.

Its coach is Alexei Mischin. This paid even three years long to Pljuschtschenkos rent, because Mischin of Pljuschtschenkos talent was convinced. Thus Jewgeni Pljuschtschenko in a group as well as Alexej Urmanow and Alexei Jagudin trained. Jewgeni Pljuschtschenko starts for the Jubileiny sport club

Alexei Jagudin became its competitor of many years, in particular after Jagudin changed to Trainerin Tatjana Tarassowa. This competitive situation continued after Jagudins injury-caused career end. One of the sharpest competitors Pljuschtschenkos, Brian Joubert from France, is advised now by Jagudin. Pljuschtschenko jumped as first ice art runners the combination quadruple Toeloop /dreifach Toeloop/three-way Toeloop with the Cup OF Russia 2002.

Pljuschtschenko studies at the Russian university for physical culture and sport. In addition he is an officer in the Russian army. To 18. June 2005 he married those at that time 20jährige Maria Jermak. Its wife studies sociology at the university in pc. Petersburg.

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