Jiří service beer

Jiří service beer (* 20. April 1937 in Kladno) is a Czech politician and journalist. After the turn 1989 he was a first minister of foreign affairs of Czechoslovakia after the fall of the communists.


Jiří service beer was born as a son of an official family. It studied philosophy at the Karl university in Prague and worked afterwards as a journalist at the Czechoslovakian broadcast. it joined 1958 the KPC . When foreign correspondent it reported particularly from the far east and was noticeable as critical head, among other things by the fact that it - against the regulations - would send also interviews, which were not authorized by the communist guidance in Prague.

it ranked 1968 among the supporters of the Prager of spring. After this reform movement with the invasion had been by force struck down by soldiers and tanks Warsaw Pact, the new ruling powers excluded service beer from the communist party and occupied it with a professional disqualification. Jiří service beer earned its living costs with different activities and continued working as an oppositional. It signed the Charter 77 with many other these simmering ducks. For its political commitment he was condemned 1979 to three years prison.

After its dismissal 1982 he had to work as heaters; could not be confused however in his political employment and wrote further for illegal underground newspapers. With the political turn of the yearly 1989 it stepped again into the footlights of the public. Jiří service beer ranked among the joint founders of the democratic citizens' forum. Under the newly selected Czechoslovakian president Vaclav Havel he was appointed in December 1989 the minister of foreign affairs of Czechoslovakia. To 23. It cut through December 1989 in Waidhaus together with the German minister of foreign affairs at that time Hans Dietrich Genscher symbolically with a bolt cutter the border fence between Tschechien and underlined Germany and thereby the case of the iron curtain.

1992 it withdrew as a minister of foreign affairs. Since that time it is active as local politicians in the town councillor of Prague and works also again as a journalist. 1998 sent it the United Nations as Sonderermittler for human rights in former Yugoslavia.

2004 kept service beer common with Hans Dietrich Genscher the art price for German-Czech communication, which the Munich Adalbert founder association lends together with the union for good neighbourhood Czech and German-language countries made of Prague.


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