Jiří Kodet

Jiří Kodet (* 6. December 1937 in Prague; † 25. June 2005 ebenda) was a Czech actor.


the son of the actress Jiřina Steimarová and brother of Evelyna Steimarová began its theatre career in Pardubice, before its colleague finally got it January Kačer after Ostrava and to Prague.

For the 50's Kodet in some dozen films and series played, among other things in Jiří Menzels “love after timetable” (1966). In the 90's it was distinguished for its role in “Pelíšky” with the Český lev for the best main role. That German public was well-known it also from the series Pan rope (role of a pilot) and the hospital at the edge of the city.

Kodet played last the role of the director František Vláčil in “Sentiment” (2003).

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