Jim Jones

Jim Jones (actually James Warren Jones; * 13. May 1931 in Crete, Indiana; † 18. November 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana) was a sparkling wine leader, that admits by the fact became that its committed mass suicide over 900 trailers in the guayanischen jungle and/or. it it to kill left.

Jim Jones was born as a son of the presumed Ku Klux Klan - member James Thurman Jones and developed early one of its nut/mother Lynetta affected faith, which was fulfilled by social ideals by conceptions of the Pfingstbewegung and. It was since beginning of the 50's Prediger, however from the Pfingstbewegung was excluded and based to 4. April 1955 sparkling wines with the name a Wings OF Deliverance, it one year after renamed in The People's Temple fills Gospel Church (people temple). 1960 followed the movement the Christian Church (Disciples OF Christian) . First for many years a to a large extent inconspicuous existence led and attained the sparkling wines within the variety of Christian groups typical for the USA only by the fact attention that it was open in a society coined/shaped by racial segregation both for black and white Gläubige. Those in the meantime Peoples Temple Christian Church movement mentioned changed itself however obviously gradually into a personal dictatorship Jones', that the center of the cult 1967 from Indiana to Ukiah (California) and 1971 to San Francisco shifted, probably, in order to escape investigations, which wanted the suspicion toe-outs, it defraud funds of the sparkling wine members for personal purposes. Also it preached the world end to its members by a nuclear war and believed to be safer in California. The municipality built a church and several administration buildings. Jim Jones married Mark LINE and had several physical and adopted children; there was from critics of the movement Concerned relative the reproach, Jones entices female sparkling wine members and it several from them geschwängert. In San Francisco last by the fact inlet did not win the sparkling wines that it offered free health tests and care of children to a Ghetto of the city in its center in the Fillmore district. To 13. December 1973 it was arrested in Los Angeles, because it wanted to tempt an Undercover agent of the police to homosexual actions in a park of the city.

In the summer 1977 Jones with its municipality finally evaded into the northwest of Guyana, where he had already acquired 1974 of the Guyanese government of 16 square kilometers country. There it based with its trailers Jonestown, which presented Jones its nearly thousand people (under it 250 children) as the praised country. The city was a hermetically locked municipality, however to 13 trailers, under it Jones' succeeded on the right, Tim Stoen - the escape. They reported on the sparkling wines and their totalitarian practices of the brain laundry. Thereupon the member of congress of US became, Leo J. Ryan, assigns, to examine the thing locally. It, three reporters and a sparkling wine member by sparkling wine members in the close haven Kaituma were murdered, when they wanted to fly back from there after an attendance in Jonestown into the USA; twelve further persons were partially heavily hurt. On the same day, that 18. November 1978, the 909 sparkling wine members died in Jonestown: Partially they committed suicide, by taking a beverage shifted with prussic acid to itself; such a case was rehearsed before several times. Members were forced also to drinking, some died also at firing wounds. 276 children were driven or killed into death. A sparkling wine follower, who was in of Guyana capital Georgetown, killed herself on the message of the massacre their three children and. Jones was found in Jonestown with a ball in the head.

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