Jitzchak Mordechai

Jitzchak Mordechai (Hebrew יצחקמרדכי, alternative way of writing Yitzhak Mordechai; * 22. November 1944 in the Kurdish part Iraq) is an Israeli general and politician and as such joint founders of the Merkaz (central party).

Mordechais family emigrated 1949 to Israel. It served since 1962 with priority as a parachutist in the army and visited the staff academy in Israel and later also in England. Its he received university conclusions in history and political science from the Universities of Tel Aviv, and/or Haifa. He did not lock law studies begun at the university of Herzlija and a study of the Judentums at the bar Ilan university.

military career

during the six-day war it kommandierte a parachute unit in the Sinai and in the Jom Kippur war kommandierte it a parachute battalion at the Sinai front. Here it was distinguished with bravery medal. In the years 1983-86 he was a highest officer of the infantry and the paratrooper. 1986 it was carried to the major general and was as such boss of the training department of headquarters and in the same year Kommandierender of the southern command. After a stopover as Kommandierender centers of the command, in the years 1989-1991 he became finally 1991 Kommandierender of the northern section. Thus he is an only general of the Israeli army, which had all three posts. Although it would have been suited thereby for the post Israeli general staff boss, it was ignored in the case of the occupation of the same. After 33-jähriger service was adopted Mordechai 1995 from the army.

political career/development

after its retreat from the army he was selected in May 1996 for the Likud into the Knesset. In the following month he was appointed the Secretary of Defense. When it became clear that it became together with Amnon Lipkin Schahak, Roni Milo and Dan Meridor a new party, which wanted to create Merkaz, it in the spring 1999 of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu to dismiss. To the elections of 1999 it broke its candidacy off to the Prime Minister (as first Sepharde) briefly before the elections because of Chancenlosigkeit. It could fight for its Knesset seat however as a member of the central party again. In July 1999 he was appointed under Netanjahu the transportation Minister and deputy Prime Minister, had to withdraw from this post however in the drauffolgenden May of the yearly 2000, since a sexual encroachment was put to him to the load. In March 2001 he was condemned because of sexual annoyance to a 18-monatigen probation sentence.

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