Joël Lautier

Joël Lautier (* 17. April 1973 in Scarborough) is a French chess master of the world class.

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Joël Lautier, son of a Japanese nut/mother and a Canadian father, buildup first in Canada , where he made himself as a miracle child in chess a name. As 9-Jähriger Lautier pulled to France, where its enormous talent unfolded rapid. 1985 it won the youth world championship U12, which meant the first WM-victory of a Frenchman at all in a youth category. 1988 it in Adelaide youth world champion became. Among its further triumphs with international Turnierern rank its victories in the zone tournament Lyon 1990, Polanica Zdrój 1991, Pamplona 1993, Amsterdam 1995 (before Garri Kasparow), Úbeda 1997, Enghien les Bains 1999 and with the zone tournament Mondariz 2000. it won 2003 together with Pjotr Swidler in Poikowski.

By its divided 2. - 9. Place with the interzone tournament in Biel 1993 succeeded to Lautier the qualification at the next stage with the WM-cycle: In the candidate match 1994 against January Timman in Wijk aan Zee was subject to Lautier with 3,5-4,5 (+1-2=5). Lautier took part in several FIDE CO world championships: 1997 in Groningen and 1999 in read Vegas came it jweils into the third round, both marks was subject it to the Israeli Boris gel-found after high-speed chess stinging with 2-4. it separated 2000 in New Delhi in the first round, 2001 in Moscow, where it and. A. Alexander Chalifman switched off, succeeded to it the introduction in the round of the last sixteen, where he was subject to Wassyl Iwantschuk. Lautier is one of the few exception chess players with a positive result against ex world champion Garri Kasparow: +2-1=7.

2004 became Lautier in Val d'Isere French master and repeated one year later in Chartres its success. For some years Lautier engages itself increased as a president of the Association OF Chess Professionals (ACP) for the rights of the professional chess players and a popularization of chess world-wide, besides also for the popularization of the Japanese variant of chess, the Shogi. In addition Lautier is vice-president of the French chess federation. From 1997 to 2003 it was married with the moldawisch French Grossmeisterin Almira Skriptschenko. Current Elo number: 2672 (conditions: July 2005).


of Lautier succeeded with the tradition tournament of Linares 1994 with the black stones a victory over the acting world champion Garri Kasparow (white) in only 29 courses. The portion became in the latter, 13. , Round easily. Kasparow divided place 2 and 3 with Alexei Schirow, Lautier after this defeat became more divided 5. and 6. (with Vladimir stuff NIC). Anatoli Karpow won the tournament with a phänomenalen result of 11 from 13 and 2,5 points projection/lead.

1.e2-e4 e7-e5 2.Sg1-f3 Sb8-c6 3.Lf1-c4 Lf8-c5 4.c2-c3 Sg8-f6

on the board came the Italian portion, the calmest and unspektakulärste of all open plays.

5.d2-d3 d7-d6 6.Lc4-b3 h7-h6 7.h2-h3 a7-a6 8.Sb1-d2 Lc8-e6 9.Lb3-c2 Lc5-a7

black plans the farmer raid d6-d5. Immediate 9… d6-d5? disproved by 10.Sf3xe5! Sc6xe5 (10… Lc5xf2+ 11.Ke1xf2 Sc6xe5 12.d3-d4±) 11.d3-d4 Lc5-d6 (11… Lc5xd4 12.c3xd4 Se5-c6 13.e4-e5±) 12.d4xe5 Ld6xe5 13.Sd2-f3±. (Lautier)

10.Dd1-e2 Dd8-e7 11.b2-b4! d6-d5 12.a2-a4 b7-b5! 13.0-0 0-0 14.a4xb5 a6xb5 15.d3-d4?

Was necessary instead 15.Lc1-b2 with reconciliation (Lautier).

15… e5xd4

however not 15… d5xe4? because of 16.Sf3xe5 with white advantage (Lautier).

Position after that 16. Course of white

16… d4xc3!? 17.e5xf6 De7xf6 18.Sd2-b3 Sc6xb4 19.Lc2-b1 d5-d4! 20.Ta1xa7?! c3-c2?!

Lautier criticized this course and struck in the analysis 20… Ta8xa7! forwards, which would have left advantage to it.


Would 21.Lb1xc2 be weak? Ta8xa7 22.Sb3xd4 (22.De2-e4 Sb4xc2 23.De4xc2 Le6-c4 24.Tf1-d1 d4-d3-+) 22… Le6-c4 23.De2-e4 (23.De2-d2 c7-c5 24.Sd4-b3 Ta7-a2-+) 23… Sb4xc2 24.De4xc2 c7-c5 with black profit position.

21… c2xb1D

black has now two ladies, but the situation is not clear yet.

22.Ta8xf8+ Kg8xf8
Position after that 22. Course of black


Only this course leads to the defeat. Was necessary in accordance with Lautier 23.Lc1-g5! , according to which the position in the equilibrium would remain.

23… Db1xb3 24.Db5-b8+ Kf8-e7 25.Db8xc7+ Ke7-e8 26.Lc1-d2 Df6-d8

26… Sb4-d3 were still better! 27.Tf1-a1 Db3-d5! - +

27.Dc7-e5 Ke8-f8 28.Sf3xd4?

Loses fast. Better, but no rescue, was 28.De5-c5+ Kf8-g8 (28… Dd8-e7? 29.Dc5xe7+ Kf8xe7 30.Sf3xd4 Db3-c4 31.Ld2xb4+ Ke7-f6 32.Sd4xe6 Dc4xb4 33.Se6-c7 Db4-c4 34.Sc7-e8+ Kf6-e7 35.Tf1-e1+=) 29.Ld2xb4 Db3-c4 (29… d4-d3!?) 30.Tf1-d1 Dc4xc5 31.Lb4xc5 d4-d3-+ with black profit position (Lautier).

28… Sb4-d3! 29.De5-e3 Db3-c4

white gave up.


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