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Joachim (“Jo”) of brown ones (* 29. November 1937 in Nimptsch, Niederschlesien) is a former newscaster of the news of the day in the pool of broadcasting corporations. To 30. It read April 1975 for the first time, to 9. October 2004 for the last time the messages of the news of the day.

In the Second World War it was evacuated in January 1945 with its nut/mother and three brothers and sisters from Breslau after Saalfeld/Saale in Thuringia.

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vocational career/development

from June to July 1958 made Joachim of brown one the state examination as a basic school teacher for German in the GDR at educational Institut in Leipzig. In the August of the same yearly it changed voluntarily from the GDR over west Berlin into the Federal Republic of Germany. In the following time he worked in Hamburg among other things in a graphic institute for art, later than commercial employees in an insurance company.

1964 applied Jo of brown ones with the NDR. It took speech instruction and read to 15. May 1965 its first live-messages on NDR 2. On invitation of harsh ore Carpenter he spoke the Sportnachrichten on NDR1 and NDR2 in July 1965.

In October 1965 Joachim of brown ones gave its employment up with the insurance company and became from then on full-time speaker in many radio departments of the NDR. Before he had spoken only Sundays with the NDR.

1967 took up Joachim of brown ones also an activity as a speaker with the reports from the day . 1974 it became on invitation of Karl-Heinz Köpcke also on and off speaker with the news of the day. At the 1. January 2000 stepped Jo of brown ones the follow-up of Dagmar mountain-hopes as a chief speaker from pool of broadcasting corporations up-to-date on.

As admitting football - fan was it long time Stadionsprecher with the HSV.


since 1969 it is married with Ann of brown ones. The two have two daughters. Joachim of brown ones reads gladly books (barking trichloroethylene TIC and special books) and hears classical music, particularly of Frédéric Chopin. It is interested in sport and played piano.


in the early 80's it participated as a newscaster on the long playing record of jokes in the current volume - the best hare jokes (Stereo LP) .

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