Joachim Büchner

Joachim Büchner (* 8. April 1905 in old person castle, Thuringia; † 22. February 1978 in Leverkusen) was a German athlete, who won the bronze medal in the 400-Meter-Lauf with the olympic plays 1928 in Amsterdam.

In addition it started with the olympic plays 1932 in Los Angeles in the 400-Meter-Lauf (sixth in the Semifinale; separated) as well as with the German 4x400-Meter-Staffel (4. Place in the end run).

At the 1. It placed a German record to September 1927 in Magdeburg over 400 meters on (48.2 seconds) and improved it one year later (2. September 1928) in Berlin again around 0.6 seconds on 47.8 seconds. It was thereby the first German under 48 seconds in the 400-Meter-Lauf. This record was broken only nine years later by Rudolf Harbig.

Joachim Büchners started for Viktoria Magdeburg. In its active time it was 1.76 meters large and weighed 74 kg.

It visited the academy of arts Leipzig. After the Second World War it pulled after Duesseldorf, where it was active as a publicity man.


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