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Joachim cardinal Meisner

Joachim cardinal Meisner (* 25. December 1933 in Breslau, Niederschlesien) is since 1989 archbishop of the ore diocese Cologne.

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Meisner (picture center) pullsafter 1997 the you air low eggs in the cathedral by the city center, along several stations with altars.

Joachim Meisner buildup with three brothers in the catholic coined/shaped Schlesien . He regards the there Volksfrömmigkeit this very day as the ideal picture of a catholic coined/shaped society. After driving out 1945 from Schlesienand the death of its father in the same year Meisner lived in Thuringian grains. After a theory as a banker Meisner occurred 1951 the late appointing seminar Norbertuswerk Magdeburg and retrieved here the Abitur . From 1959 to 1962 it studied philosophy and theology in Erfurtand in December 1962 to the priest one geweiht there. It was Kaplan in holy city and Erfurt, thereafter rector of the Erfurter Caritasverbandes. it attained a doctorate to 1969 to the Dr. theol. at the papal University of Gregoriana in Rome. To 17. March 1975 it became the Titularbischof appointed by Vina and bishop in Erfurt Meiningen and to 17. May of the same yearly by the Apostoli administrator of Erfurt Hugo Aufderbeck to the bishop geweiht. To the diocese Erfurt belongs among other things the calibration field, which was Protestant a catholic enclave in that to atheistisch coined/shaped GDR.There Meisner found a similar catholic municipality life as in its schlesischen homeland. The faith life coins/shapes Meisners thinking until today there: At that time like today he sees islands of the catholicism in „the sea of the Unglaubens in such enclaves “. Which at that time the socialist ruling powers were, is in MeisnersThink today the liberalism and the arbitraryness.

To 25. April 1980 appointed it Pope Johannes Paul II., which it could do for years personally, to the bishop of Berlin. Into this office it became to 17. May 1980 imported.

From 1982 to 1989 Meisner satthe citizen of Berlin bishop conference forwards.

To 5. January 1983 took it to Johannes Paul II. as cardinal priests with the title church Santa Pudenziana into the Kardinalskollegium up.

After death Joseph cardinal Höffners 1987 sent the Domkapitulare ore diocese Cologne in accordance with the concordat with the holy chair oneDecimal suggestion to the Bischofskongregation. On the usual three-suggestion (Terna), which the cathedral chapter to the bishop choice was sent back, was the name Meisners, although this had not confessed on the list of the cathedral chapter. This had of the Domkapitularen as request Pope Johannes Pauls II.are understood,To select Meisner to the new archbishop. The cathedral chapter refused however first. Theologians from completely Germany and politician protested against this action of the Pope and argued that them do not correspond to the concordat. Cologne cathedral chapters however finally accepted the unjustified demand of the Pope, Meisner to the archbishopto select, and this, by changing first its electoral law and so that also a choice with relative majority made possible, did with 6 yes-voices with 10 abstentions. Thus was the concordat are sufficient done. To 20. December 1988 became Meisner after its choice the archbishop of Cologneappointed and to 12. February 1989 inserted into this office.

Cardinal Meisner is at present a chairman of the Liturgiekommission of the German bishop conference and the solidarity action Renovabis. Further it is member of several kurialer Kongregationen, under it the Kongregation for the Klerus.


Meisners office guidanceand views are exposed to some criticism. In its - the church right and the theory in each point corresponding - it criticized interpretation particularly sharply since its office introduction as an archbishop the spirit of the time, abortion practice in Germany and the equalization of homosexual life partnerships in relation to the conventional marriage, which it regards as danger of this basiclegally protected property. Also its collection of church obedience is taken up in the today's society coined/shaped by dialogue, switching, participation and consent by some with appearing strange. Thus he was criticized in the media more frequently because of the measure regulation by priests.

The criticism opposite Meisner is to be due generally to a different church understanding between Meisner and its critics. While critics require dialogue readiness and a church opening of Meisner frequently, Meisner persists in the delivered traditions of the Roman-catholic church, and concomitantly in their office understanding and its solidarity toPope. Thus it forbade for example 2004 to bishop Jacques Gaillot an appearance in its diocese, set off from the Vatikan.

In order, Meisner bends its views effectively to platzieren to drastic comparisons. In October 2003 Meisner had Wissenschaftsgläubige “and homosexual ones for example with a lecture in Budapest „also Terrorists and drug-addicted equated and as a danger for „the European value order “designates. Several homosexual federations refunded therefore charge because of incitement of the masses, which were however not continued to pursue. To the three-king lecture to 6. January 2005 suggested a Parellele between the abortion and the Holocaust to Meisner. Meisnerhad literally said:

„It is characteristic: Where humans do not let themselves relate and be limited, there he misses himself always alive: first Herodes, which lets the children of Bethlehem kill, then among other things Hitler and Stalin, who let millions humans destroy, and today, inour time, unborn children are millionfold killed. Abortion and euthanasia are called the consequences of this anmassenden rebelling in relation to God. Those are not social problems, but theological. Here the first requirement comes into the play: “You are not to have strange Gods beside me”, i.e. you are not youeven the God make, which anmasst itself right of disposal over its own body and over the life of others. “The light does not shine into the darkness” (Joh 1.5), that is harmless happening. Either I take up it, then I go more illuminated through the world or I lockme it and become still darker than so far. “

Also „the forum of German catholics “places itself on the side Cologne archbishop and thanked it for its courage. Meisner points „the general cause out of the crimes against the humanity “, is called it in an explanation. In addition: „ThatCardinal plays down or reduces in no way the crimes of the national socialists at the Jews. It brings rather millionfold injustice to the murder of humans seriously in consciousness. “

Both are consequences of the Wertelosigkeit of today's societies. Also for this Meisner was hard criticized, among other things him minimization becamethe Holocaust accused. Meisner has its expression thereupon partly publicly taken back.

Because of their attitude to the abortion law giving Meisner demands in addition for years of the CDU to do without „C “in its party contraction since it does not concern no more a Christian party.

During MeisnersStatements and office guidance of different church leaders as well as some laymen to be criticized, regard him conservative and traditional Christians as Galionsfigur and advocates of the catholic faith.


  • „you know nevertheless, why in Cologne the most powerful from us Hirten lives? That is like that:If for example the Limburger herd with their Hirten by-pulls, then humans call to the greetings: “Hello, Franz, a beautiful day still!”. If the Aachener Hirte goes past, then' s is called: 'Well, Heinrich, really heavy times: Head highly - you create that already. 'If however the ColognerHirte passes, hears one only a whispering: “Allpowerful! ” “ (Karl cardinal Lehmann on the occasion of the award of the medal against animal Ernst over its Cologne colleagues Meisner, 22. January 2005)
  • „three weeks before its death let me come the holy father into the Gemelli hospital and askedme there: “Control rooms it still in Cologne on me?” - I said: “Wait holy father, we imperturbably”. We call now from here to the sky up: “Wait holy father Johannes Paul II., we for you!” And we call to Rome over there: “Holy father Benedikt XVI.,we wait for you! “With the Petrus from yesterday, that is Johannes Paul II., and with the Petrus today, that is Benedikt XVI., in our center, we on our faith way is strengthened, because one said to the Petrus by the gentleman: “Strength your brothers (and sisters)”(Process card 22.32). Young humans are still much closer at their beginning of life than older people. Therefore the origin of their life has a lasting effect out God hand much more strongly and more intensively in the search for genuine and true life, than at other people in them. “(From the lectureof Joachim cardinal Meisner in the opening fair in Cologne Rhine energy the stadium to the world youth day 2005 to 16. August 2005, full text)
  • “next love is not friendliness mash” (2005 in the interview with the magazine “the mirror”)
  • „we celebrates the first world youth day with two Popes: with Pope Johannes Paul II.from the sky and with our Pope Benedikt XVI. from the earth. Which will become for a large celebration of the faith!. “ (From the lecture of Joachim cardinal Meisner in the opening fair in Cologne Rhine energy the stadium to the world youth day 2005 to 16. August 2005, (


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  • bishop Hugo Aufderbeck † (1962)
  • Alfred cardinal Bengsch † (1959)
  • Julius August cardinal Döpfner † (1948)
  • archbishop Joseph Otto Kolb † (1935)
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  • Archbishop Joseph of Schork † (1891)
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  • archbishop Gregor (Leonhard Andreas) of Scherr OSB † (1856)
  • Antonio Saverio cardinal De Luca † (1845)
  • Giacomo Filippo cardinal Fransoni † (1822)
  • Pietro Francesco cardinal Galeffi† (1819)
  • Alessandro cardinal Mattei † (1777)
  • Bernardino cardinal Giraud † (1767)
  • Pope Clemens XIII. (Carlo della Torre Rezzonico) † (1743)
  • Pope Benedikt XIV. (Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini) † (1724)
  • Pope Benedikt XIII. (Pietro Francesco (Vincenzo Maria) Orsini de Gravina OI) † (1675)
  • Paluzzo cardinal PaluzziAltieri Degli talking nonsense tonuses † (1666)
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  • Luigi cardinal Caetani † (1622)
  • Ludovico cardinal Ludovisi † (1621)
  • archbishop Galeazzo Sanvitale † (1604)
  • Girolamo cardinal Bernerio, O.P. † (1586)
  • Giulio Antonio cardinal Santorio † (1566)
  • Scipione cardinal Rebiba † (1577)


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