Joachim Nettelbeck

Joachim Nettelbeck; Haven-guessed/advised from the expenditure of its autobiography with Brockhaus, 1821-1823
Joachim Nettelbeck; contemporary haven-guesses/advises

Joachim Christian Nettelbeck (* 20. September 1738 in Kolberg; † 29. January 1824 in Kolberg) was a sailor well-known by its autobiography.

Nettelbeck, after all certificationsa remarkably courageous and deliberated character, goes already than eleven-year old to sea, becomes an attendant and late captain. It bereist many European countries and takes part also in the slave trade between Africa and Suriname. It becomes shipowner, which drives on own calculation, suffers however shipwreck and losesa majority of its fortune. Occasionally he tries as a Fischer on the Stettiner Haff as well as teacher for Nautik in Stettin.

After the end of its sailor career it establishes itself 1783 in behind pommerschen port the Kolberg as Bierbrauer and a Branntweinbrenner. Beginning 19.Century is Nettelbeck because of its disputatiousness and arrogance not very popular however as a member of the city-oldest of Kolberg a respected man. There at the beginning of of 1807 stands suddenly the troops Napoleons before the gates Kolbergs. Nettelbeck, at that time already nearly an old man, comes into contradiction toCommander of the Verteidungstruppen Lucadou. In inputs to the king it operates the separation Lucadous. The Commander-in-Chief Kolbergs, major Gneisenau, merges Nettelbeck into the defense of the fortress and makes him boss of the fire-extinguishing and inundation nature. At the beginning of of July is the fortress Kolberg briefly forwardsthe case, when the peace of Tilsit one closes and so that also the war actions at the fortress Kolberg are terminated.

During the successful defense of the fortress , the 68-jährige Nettelbeck is characterised Kolberg against French troops under Gneisenau as a citizen chief by energy.

1822 publishit its much read biography with the publisher J. G. Hook in Treptow to the Rega. The autobiography Nettelbecks becomes 1943/45 the collecting main of the film script for the National Socialist “holds out” - film Kolberg of Veit Harlan.

It in honours an engine life raft of the DGzRS becameauf δίνει σε Namen Nettelbeck benannt.

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