Joachim Peiper

Joachim “yokes” Peiper (* 30. January 1915 in Berlin Wilmersdorf; † 13. July 1976 in Traves, France) was banner leader of the weapon SS. It maintained personal relations with Heinrich Himmler. Peiper was condemned 1946 during the Malmedy process as a war criminal.

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Peiper originated from a education-civil parents' house. Its father, in Schlesien born, was as a captain in the 1. World war in the German southwest Africa at that time and in Turkey actively. To the school Peiper went to yokes into the Goethe - upper six-form high school. As 17-jähriger Peiper decided for a military career. In the spring 1933 it occurred the Hitler Youth, already in the October of the same yearly the protection relay ( SS ), led by the realm leader SS Heinrich Himmler.

1934 requested Peiper the SS officer candidate shank. It became into the so-called. Junkerschule of the SS taken up to Braunschweig. To 20. April 1936 appointed the Untersturmführer, obligated it itself the so-called. Body banner Adolf Hitler, one of the first larger military units of the SS and thus one of the core units of the later weapon SS. 1938 were taken up Peiper to the personal staff Himmlers and promoted 1939 to first aide. There he became acquainted with his future wife, who was one of the secretaries Himmlers.

1940 were sent Peiper on a pure military post of the body banner and used responsible for military operations. In July 1940 it returned to the staff Himmlers and remained there until August 1941, when at the same time of calibration man and other one the industrielle murder of the Jewish population and other minorities was prepared (when sea-conference).

Peiper became commander at the east front, but Himmler was several times visited from him to 1945.


after the landing of the allied ones in Sicilies participated Peiper as a responsible person of battalion commander in the autumn 1943 in retaliatory measures (Repressalien) of its battalion against the civilian population in the Italian Boves in close proximity to Cuneo . After a failed release attempt of two German soldiers kidnapped by groups of resistances Peipers penetrated units into the village. Several houses were destroyed by the SS-men and been into fire. 23 civilians, who fled from the buildings, were shot. A 87-jährige woman burned. The public prosecutor's office Stuttgart stopped the procedure after the war against Peiper from lack of proofs , which encountered particularly in parts of the Italian public sharp criticism. A further complaint in Italy 1968 failed likewise from lack because of proofs.


in December 1944 was it during the Ardennenoffensive commander of a combat team of the 1. SS-armored division body banner Adolf Hitler. For the success of the Ardennenoffensive the income of bridges was over the Maas a necessary condition, for which Peipers combat team was responsible. To 17. December 1944 took Peipers prisoner unit (“LAH”) more than 100 US-American soldiers and fired at these for unknown reasons after the capture with submachine guns. This procedure became as the Malmedy massacre admits. During this time it came under its responsibility with Trois Ponts to a massacre at the Belgian civilian population.

After war shank in April 1946 in DAK-strike it during the Malmedy process because of this procedure as well as 42 further soldiers than war criminals to death one condemned. Its punishment was converted into life imprisonment, from which it became to dismiss prematurely 1956.

1957 he began to work for Porsche, became on pressure of the public to dismiss however later.

To the activity with VOLKSWAGEN it moved 1970 to France . When its presence in the French press admits was made, the communist daily paper demanded l'Humanité to prove Peiper to Germany. After it had received murder threats, Peiper died 1976 after an arson attack on its house in Traves under not clarified circumstances.


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